Why do you need a live chat plugin for your WordPress website?


Smoother website experience


Lower bounce rate


Efficient lead generation


Minimized purchase friction


Increased revenue per user


Better retention with live support

What makes SalesIQ's WordPress live chat plugin your best choice?


Easy to install and use


More than just live chat software


Lifetime free plan *

*The free plan has limited features. Check our pricing comparison for more details.

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Everything you need to effectively engage your website visitors

What does our WordPress live chat plugin do for you?

Know who's on your website in real time

View all your WordPress website visitors sorted into priority rings based on your own criteria, along with detailed information like location, actions, time spent, and more in the visitor tracking dashboard.

SalesIQ also categorizes your visitors as leads and contacts based on their stage in the buyer's journey, and even identifies and groups corporate leads by company.

Real-time website visitor tracking.

Keep all of the context for your live chat right at your fingertips

Get complete data on your leads—their organization, industry, company size, social media profiles, and more—with AI-powered profile enrichment. You can also connect third-party enrichment tools like Leadberry and Clearbit.

View your prospects' detailed website footprint along with timestamps so you know what they're interested in. Zoho SalesIQ's WordPress chat plugin also enables fast customer assistance by showing the visitor chat history, as well as their device, OS, and browser details.

AI-powered website visitor profile enrichment.

Trigger a live chat based on your visitors' behavior

Increase conversions by nudging your site visitors in the right direction. Set up smart chat trigger rules based on your visitors' activity to proactively engage them without being intrusive.

Proactive chat based on visitor behavior.

Let your digital sidekick handle routine chats

Don't have the workforce to handle the huge influx of chats associated with adding live chat to your WordPress website? Let our advanced chatbot builder lend you a hand.


Codeless bot builder

Set up a customized chatbot on your WordPress website using our no-code, drag-and-drop chatbot builder. All you need to do is create a bot flow with prebuilt blocks and add bot responses. If you do have coding expertise, you can even set up sophisticated workflows in your WordPress chatbot based on data from external applications.


Human-like AI bot

Zoho SalesIQ also includes an AI-driven chatbot—Answer Bot—that understands customer queries regardless of the terms used, responds using your knowledge base, and even engages in small talk just like a human, but without the fatigue.

Do more in less time with custom widgets

No more switching tabs to view customer data or schedule a demo during a chat session. Our custom widgets let you view data from all of your third-party tools—invoicing software, CRM, help desk software, and more—or perform actions like pushing details to a database, all from a single screen.

Get all of your customer data in the same place.

Protect your team with abuse management

The live chat plugin for WordPress lets you help customers in real time, but it can also let in cyberbullies. We have a solution for that.

Set up a profanity library with terms you deem inappropriate. Whenever these come up in a WordPress website live chat, they're masked and the chat is automatically closed.

Safeguard your customer-facing teams against profanity.

Connect SalesIQ with your entire tech-stack

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  •  Woopra
  •  Clearbit
  •  Google analytics
  •  Zoho Campaigns
  •  Zoho CRM
     Zoho Mail
  •  Zoho Desk
  •  Mailchimp
  •  Salesforce
  •  Zendesk

Gather feedback for improved service

Nothing shows your customers you care like getting their feedback and acting on it. Display a post-chat feedback banner to learn your customers' thoughts on your assistance to iron out any flaws.

Gather post-chat feedback.

Stay in the know even when you're away

Keep all of SalesIQ's features at your fingertips when you're on the go with our agent mobile app, available for Android and iOS.

Stay connected at all times with the SalesIQ agent mobile app.

Stay GDPR-ready

Automatically display an implicit tracking banner or an opt-out banner on your website, add a consent button in your chat window, password protect any file, and mask any personally identifiable information (PII) shared on your WordPress live chat.

Easily abide by GDPR rules using SalesIQ.

How does the WordPress live chat plugin work?

  • Download the plugin
  • Configure and customize your chat widget
  • Manage chats from your SalesIQ dashboard
Easily add the WordPress live chat plugin to your website.

What does our WordPress live chat plugin do for your visitors?

Enable self-service on your WordPress live chat window

Zoho SalesIQ comes with a text editor that lets you compile answers to common questions, add product details, or help documentation that customers can access right from your live chat window before reaching out.

You can also sync knowledge-base articles to SalesIQ from Zoho Desk or Zendesk.

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Display FAQs and knowledge-base articles on your WordPress live chat window.

Make it easy for your visitors to voice their queries

SalesIQ's WordPress live chat comes packed with features that make it easier than ever for your customers to reach out with their questions.


Real-time chat translation

Let your website visitors ask their queries in the language they're most comfortable with. The chat message language is automatically detected and translated in real time.


Voice note

Let visitors easily ask for assistance with voice notes so they don't have to type out long queries. You can also respond to them in the same way.


Audio call and screen share

Combine the immediacy of live chat with the convenience of a good old phone call by letting customers call you right from your WordPress live chat window. You can even walk customers through detailed demos by sharing your screen during the call.

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Chat reopening and parallel chat

Let your customers view a list of all their chats with you and reopen an older chat for further help on an already closed query. They can even have multiple chat threads running in parallel.

Assist customers on their favorite channels

Give the prospects and customers following you on social media the convenience of reaching you from these channels and respond to all these messages from your WordPress live chat software.

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Facebook Messenger

Integrate Facebook Messenger with your Zoho SalesIQ account to give interested prospects a way to get in touch with you without having to go to your website every time.

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Make the most of your business's Instagram presence by connecting your profile to SalesIQ. Respond to messages from Instagram and WordPress from a single place.

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WhatsApp Business

Offer your customers the convenience of messaging you from an app they already use for everyday conversations with the WhatsApp Business integration.

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Connect your Telegram bot with your SalesIQ account to let your privacy-conscious customers reach out to you without fear of data leaks.

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Connect prospects to the right people automatically

Accelerate query resolution by directing incoming chats to staff members with the right expertise to solve the issue using rule-based chat routing.

Route WordPress chats to the right agents.

Extend the benefits of SalesIQ to your mobile app

Easily implement in-app chat support inside your business's mobile app with our mobile software development kit—Mobilisten—available for Android, iOS, React Native, Cordova, and Flutter.

Add live chat to your mobile app.

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Frequently asked questions?

What is a WordPress live chat plugin?  

A WordPress live chat plugin is a piece of software that helps you add a live chat widget to your WordPress website without any programming. This allows your website visitors to reach out to you whenever they need assistance, and your agents can respond in real time or even proactively connect with website visitors.

Why do businesses need a WordPress live chat plugin?  

Your website is the face of your business and your first point of contact with your target audience. So it's imperative that your website includes a medium for your visitors to reach out to you with any questions they have. Because it's a real-time communication mode, live chat is the best option for this. The best way to add live chat to your WordPress website is to use a WordPress live chat plugin.

How do you choose the best live chat plugin for your WordPress website?  

Apart from looking for features you need based on your business function, here are some factors you need to consider when choosing a live chat plugin for your WordPress website:

  • It should be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • The WordPress live chat plugin should be easy to set up and use.
  • The live chat widget on your website should be customizable to match your website and branding.
  • It should not affect your website performance in any way.
  • Your WordPress chat plugin should fall within your budget.
  • It should be easy to integrate with all of your customer databases and software.

Is SalesIQ's live chat plugin for WordPress free to use?  

Yes, SalesIQ offers a forever free plan with limited features, under which you can add up to three operators. You can also sign up for a 15-day free trial of our enterprise plan to test out everything SalesIQ has to offer.