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Connect with prospective parents and students seeking enrollment in your educational institution in real-time.

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    Say goodbye to complexity and hello to smooth admissions with our user-friendly live chat assistance.

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    Empower your students with real-time academic advising through knowledgeable articles and resources.

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    No query left unanswered! Use AI chatbots to respond to every enquiry from parents and students.

Why is Zoho SalesIQbest live chat for higher education?

In-chat FAQs for live chat for education In-chat FAQs for live chat for education

Streamlining admissions and enrollments with in-chat FAQs

Prospective students often have questions about the application process, admission requirements, deadlines, and program offerings. They can navigate through the admissions and enrollment processes effortlessly with our in-chat FAQs, available on all your problem pages. Applying is now as simple as ABC!

Personalized real-time student engagement

Engage with students one-on-one in real-time and recommend suitable courses based on their interests and talents. Facilitate personal connections with students, assisting them in making important decisions. Strengthen your institution and foster a supportive student body through this personalized approach.

  • Student support
  • Academic advising
  • Technical support
  • Library assistance
  • Career services
Student support

Students can quickly seek help with issues related to registration, course selection, financial aid, and other academic concerns.

Academic advising

Academic advisors can use live chat to offer guidance on course planning, major selection, and career pathways.

Technical support

Live chat provides an avenue for students and faculty to seek technical support for any difficulties they encounter while using these systems.

Library assistance

Libraries can utilize live chat to assist students in finding research materials, citing sources, and navigating databases, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Career services

Live chat can be employed to aid students with job search strategies, resume building, interview preparation, and connecting with potential employers.

24/7 academic assistance and engagement

Even if your students are night owls, your institution doesn't have to be. Many young people are active online at all hours, and you might be missing out on engaging a significant portion of your website traffic during these times.

With SalesIQ chatbot for education, you can effortlessly provide information about academics; offer assistance with booking school visits; assist visitors with advance payments during the chat conversations; or help with receipt requests, providing feedback, or resolving any issues. Our chatbot is here to assist every step of the way.

Pro Tip: Humanize conversations with GenAI

Education chatbot for business Education chatbot for business
Multilingual live chat support for education

Unlock learning worldwide with multilingual live chat support

With Zoho SalesIQ's live translation feature, our chat agents can detect and translate conversations in real time, allowing international students to communicate comfortably in their native language.

Say farewell to international phone charges and empower students with the freedom to send voice notes, audio calls, screen sharing, and more.

Pro Tip: With SalesIQ, you are not restricted to creating the bot in a single language. With multilingual bot flows, you can provide services in several languages.

Seamless student engagement across all channels

Connect with your students across all channels, be it email, web-based, mobile, WhatsApp, or any other instant messaging channels. With Zoho SalesIQ's omnichannel support, centralizing information empowers your team to have contextual, meaningful conversations with your students, creating a unified and exceptional communication experience.

Omnichannel live chat software for education
        Take advantage of our free live chat software for education

Take advantage of our free live chat software for education

Use our free live chat plan and upgrade if necessary. Our forever-free plan offers all essential features like 100 chat sessions per month, file sharing, voice note, departments, 30-day chat history, offline messaging, in-app chat, daily reports delivered to your inbox, mobile apps, plugins and extensions, and more. There are no hidden costs or requirements for credit card information unless you choose to purchase a higher plan.

Live chat software for every business type and function

Whether you're a startup aiming to strike a chord with potential customers or a well-established corporation seeking to enhance customer support, Zoho SalesIQ's live chat software is designed to cater to all your customer communication needs.


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Frequently asked questions?

What are the key features of an educational live chat software?

An educational live chat software should have multilingual support for a diverse student population, provide real-time communication for immediate assistance, enable document sharing of study materials and resources, facilitate collaborative browsing to guide students through online platforms and applications, integrate with existing and new LMS platforms, and provide predefined answers to frequently asked questions.

How can live chat help education and learning programs?

  • Students can receive instant help with course-related queries, technical issues, and administrative concerns.
  • Live chat ensures students can access support and resources from anywhere, facilitating distance learning and remote education.
  • Live chat encourages active participation and collaboration among students, creating an interactive and dynamic learning environment.
  • Students can seek assistance beyond traditional office hours, ensuring continuous support regardless of time zones.

What are the benefits of live chat in education?

Live chat software plays a crucial role in modern education by improving learning experiences and student success.

  • Improved student retention: Proactive support and personalized guidance through live chat can contribute to higher student retention rates.
  • Enhanced student satisfaction: Quick and efficient resolution of inquiries leads to greater student satisfaction with the institution's services.
  • Time and cost savings: Live chat streamlines communication processes, reducing the need for phone calls and emails, saving time and resources.