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Here's how Zoho SalesIQ provides seamless ecommerce live chat software


Gain insights on your website visitors

Unlock valuable insights about your website visitors using our real-time website visitor tracking feature. Use lead scores to interact with high-intent buyers while they're still on your site.


Start a chat proactively to engage visitors

Initiate personalized conversations, provide discounts, recommend products and new arrivals, reduce cart abandonment and boost sales–all from your ecommerce live chat widget.


Offer 24/7 support with smart chatbots

Leverage chatbots to resolve simple queries and route complex questions to operators resulting in happier customers for your ecommerce business.

Why Zoho SalesIQ is the best live chat for ecommerce

Frictionless shopping journey

Zoho SalesIQ's live chat for ecommerce unlocks powerful website visitor insights. See where customers engage (and where they get stuck) to optimize your pages for a seamless shopping experience.

Every click tells a story - use yours to craft a journey that converts.

Ecommerce live chat for smoother shopping experience

Stop window shoppers in their tracks

Zoho SalesIQ's live chat for ecommerce goes beyond just chat. See what grabs your visitors' attention and jump in with personalized conversations. Offer instant advice on specific products and answer questions on the spot. Turn browsing into buying with real-time customer support.

Ecommerce live chat with proactive chat

Reduce cart abandonment with timely intervention

Proactively engage with customers before they think of abandoning their cart by analyzing their behavior on your website. With Zoho SalesIQ, you can set up an ecommerce chatbot to initiate chats with discounted price rates, providing a personalized experience for your customers and reducing cart abandonment rates.

Reduce cart abandonment with ecommerce live chat software

Connect via seamless mobile chat

Extend your ecommerce business availability on the mobile app for your customers. Mobilisten —our mobile SDK for iOS, Android, and React Native—lets you provide in-app chat support to mobile shoppers to boost ecommerce sales. Set up push notifications, in-app event triggers, and more!


Analyze customer data effortlessly

With Zoho SalesIQ, you can seamlessly send live chat data to your CRM and convert chats into tickets through Desk integration . Additionally, Zoho SalesIQ integrates with analytics and other marketing automation tools, enabling ecommerce businesses to manage customer data.

Communicate with customers on multiple channels

Be where your customers are! For ecommerce businesses, it's a must to be in the instant messaging space to gain a competitive advantage. Connect your ecommerce business's instant messaging accounts with Zoho SalesIQ, and get in touch with customers in real time, on their preferred messaging channels–all from a centralized location.

Multichannel communication for ecommerce business

Improve customer trust

Use Zoho SalesIQ to elevate your ecommerce customer support and foster trust and loyalty with your customers. Exceed their expectations by offering multilingual support and providing self-service options such as FAQs and knowledge base resources. Additionally, you can use pre-written responses to expedite response times, acquire rapid feedback, and more.

Improve ecommerce customer support with live chat
Improve ecommerce customer support with live chat

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Live chat software for every business type and function

Whether you're a startup aiming to strike a chord with potential customers or a well-established corporation seeking to enhance customer support, Zoho SalesIQ's live chat software is designed to cater to all your customer communication needs.


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Here's all there is to know about ecommerce live chat software

What is ecommerce live chat software?

Ecommerce live chat software is a tool that enables online businesses to communicate with their customers in real time through a chat interface. It allows customers to instantly connect with a representative from the business and get their questions answered, seek support, and make purchases.

The software typically offers features such as chatbot integration, file sharing, audio/video calling, and screen sharing to provide a seamless and personalized customer experience. The software can be integrated with the ecommerce platform, website, and mobile applications, making it easy for customers to connect with the business from anywhere.

Key features of ecommerce live chat software

Here are some must-have features of ecommerce live chat software:

  • Real-time communication
  • AI conversational chatbot
  • Multichannel support
  • Customization
  • Automated messages
  • Visitor tracking and lead scoring
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Real-time chat translation
  • Chat routing and queuing
  • Self-service options
  • Productivity-boosting features like canned responses (preset answers) and typing preview
  • Voice note, audio/video call, screen share, click-to-call, and remote support options
  • Integration with other tools like CRM, ticketing systems, bookings, payments, etc
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Live chat mobile app
  • Mobile SDK

Benefits of ecommerce live chat software

Ecommerce businesses need live chat for several reasons. Here are some of the main benefits of using live chat for ecommerce:

  • Improves customer service
  • Boosts your ecommerce sales
  • Cost-effective compared to other support channels
  • Gives your ecommerce businesses a competitive edge over your competitors
  • Provides valuable customer insights
  • Lets you build loyalty with customers for customer advocacy
  • Increases your customer support team's productivity
  • Reduces the cost of customer service and retention
  • Gives you a clear idea of your ecommerce customer expectations and the gaps in your offering

How to choose the best ecommerce live chat for your business

Choosing the best ecommerce live chat software tool for your business can be challenging, as there are many options available. The following are some things to think about to make an informed decision when choosing ecommerce live chat software:

  • Features: Consider the features offered by the ecommerce live chat software solution, such as real-time chat, customization options, automated messages, visitor tracking, analytics and reporting, and integration with other tools. Make sure the software has all the features you need to support your business and provide excellent customer service.
  • Ease of use: Choose software that is simple to set up and use, has a simple user interface, and that your team can rapidly become proficient at using.
  • Customer support: Choose a vendor that offers reliable customer support, with quick response times, multiple channels of support, and a helpful and knowledgeable support team.
  • Cost: Take into account your ecommerce live chat software's price and make sure it's within your spending limit. Choose a vendor with flexible pricing that includes choices for expansion and scaling.
  • Integration with other tools: To guarantee smooth workflow and data management, find out if your software can interface with other products you already use or want to use in the future, such as CRM or ecommerce platforms.
  • Reputation: Check the vendor's reputation and read customer reviews to be sure they have a history of offering trustworthy and efficient solutions.

By considering these factors, you can choose ecommerce live chat software that meets your business needs and provides a great customer experience.

Is there a free live chat software for ecommerce available in Zoho SalesIQ?

Yes, SalesIQ offers a forever free live chat plan with up to 100 chat sessions/month, file sharing, voice note, departments, 30-day chat history, offline messaging, in-app chat, daily reports delivered to your inbox, mobile apps, plugins and extensions, and more!

You can also sign up for a 15-day free trial of our enterprise plan to test out everything SalesIQ has to offer. There are no hidden charges or credit card details needed!