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Viewing visitor information in Visitor History tab

The detailed information of a specific visitor can be viewed. The visitor's Name, Visitor Since, Visitor Behavior, Interests, CRM Info, Visits, Actions, etc., will be displayed here. The Visitor Information gives a clear understanding of each visitor on your website, you can browse through the visitors details and know who your visitors are, and what interests them on your website.

To view the detailed information of each visitor, click on the name of the visitor in the list. The Visitor Information tab will appear in the right side of the screen. The visitor details are split into three tabs and they are:

  • Visitor Info
  • Visits
  • Action

Visitor Info

The Visitor Info tab consist of the following sections:

  • Visitor Details
  • Visitor Activity
  • Interested pages
  • CRM Info

Visitor Details

The details captured about the visitor will be displayed, like the visitor’s name (If the name of the visitor is not captured, then the visitor’s random ID will be displayed), Contact number, City, State, Country, Lead Score, Opportunity, Visitor Since and Photo (Photo will appear only if integrated with Gravatar).

The Lead Score and the opportunity displayed here are the scores and percentage earned by the visitor based on activities performed in the website. The Lead Score calculate the score based on the rule you have set in the Lead Scoring Section, and the opportunity percentage is calculated from the lead score to measure the chance of the visitor becoming your customer. Learn more about Lead Score and Opportunity

Visitor Activity

Details about Visits, Pages Accessed, Frequency of the visitor, and Source of each visit can be viewed here.

You can view the visitor activity for a period of time by choosing a range in the calendar. Click on the calendar option next to the visitor behavior heading, now choose a range in the calendar. The data below will be changed according to the chosen time period.

You can also choose a presets available in the calendar to view the visitor activity.

  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • This Month
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  1. Visits - The number of times the visitor visited your website in the chosen period of time.
  2. Frequency of the Visitor - The website visitors' frequency of visiting your website over a period of time will be displayed here.
    • Rarely
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
  3. Pages Accessed - Pages accessed by the visitor between the chosen range.
  4. Source - The source using which the visitor reaches your website each time.
  • Campaigns
  • Direct
  • Search Engine
  • AdWords
  • Social Media
  • Referral - To know the referrer link, hover over the referral.

Interested pages

The top three pages accessed by the visitor will be graphically represented. The name of the page is displayed at the top of the graph and clicking on the link will take you to the page that was accessed by the visitor. The time spent on the page and the pages accessed count can also be viewed in the x and y axes of the graph respectively.

CRM Info

If your SalesIQ portal is integrated with Zoho CRM, then the CRM info like Name, Visitor type, Source and Lead Owner name will be displayed. The CRM Info will be displayed only if your Zoho CRM contains the visitor details. If not, the section will not appear.

If the Visitor contact has already been pushed to Zoho CRM, then a small icon will appear near the name of the visitor. Clicking on this will take you to the Contacts page of Zoho CRM.


The visits tab lists the details like Landing page, Date and Time Spent by the visitor during each visit to your website.

Clicking on the landing page will give you a detailed view that will include the duration of the visit, number of pages accessed by the visitor during the visit, page where maximum time was spent and the source of the visit. Clicking on the 'More' option will take you to the actions section of the particular visit.


This section provides the entire list of actions performed by the website visitor and the actions carried out by the operator for the visitor.

The below details will be listed:

  1. Landing Page - Clicking on the link will take you to the page visited by the visitor.
  2. Date and Time of Visit - Date and time at which the visitor accessed the landing page.
  3. Pages accessed through out the visit - All the pages accessed by the visitor will be listed.

Chat Initiated - Clicking 'Chat initiated' will open the chat transcript, this will display only the initial chat sent to the visitor by the operator.

Chat Ended - Clicking on 'Chat ended' will open the chat transcript, this will display the entire chat conversation between the operator and the visitor.

Email Sent - To view the email sent to the visitor, click on the "Mail Sent" and the mail will be displayed in a separate column.

Note Added - Clicking on "Notes" will display the added notes in a separate column.

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