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Visitor Tracking - Rings View

In this view, the filtered and prioritized visitor base will be organized around four concentric rings based on the criterions that you had set in the Customize option earlier. Priority drops from inner through the outer ring. Details like, Name or a Random ID assigned to the visitor, time spent by the visitor on your website and Country from which the visitor is would be displayed over the rings in the form of small tiles for the visitors who are currently browsing through your website. More importantly, SalesIQ allows you to track a set of predefined actions performed by the visitors by just having a glance at your priority rings.

Tracking visitor actions on Ring View

As briefed earlier, there are a bunch of predefined visitor actions which can be tracked in the Ring View, which are as follows :  

tracking 2

  1. Repeated - A frequent visitor of your website.
  2. Contacted - Visitor contacted by the monitoring operator.
  3. Responded - Visitor has responded back to the agent.
  4. Clicked - The visitor has clicked the live chat widget in your website.
  5. Triggered - The visitor has set off one or more triggers that were set by you.
  6. Page navigation - The visitor is navigating between the web pages of your website.
  7. Chat - The visitor had already had a chat session with the operators of your firm.
  8. Country flag - Flag of the country from where the visitor is from.
  9. Name - Either the name of the visitor or a random ID generated for the visitor by SalesIQ.
  10. Time - Time spent by the visitor on your website.
  11. Cold visitors - Visitors who do not match the priority criterions that were set by you. These visitors may or may not be pulled into the priority rings in the mere future.

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