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​Visitor History Overview

In Visitor History, you can view the detailed information about your website visitors throughout their visits. Visitor history stores the behavior and action of each visitor during their visit. Using the visitor history, you can learn more about the behavior of a visitor over a period of time. Visitor History stores visit-specific data such as Visitors' First and Last Visits, Duration of Each Visit, Pages Visited, etc.

Smart View

The visitors visiting your website will be listed in the Visitor History section. The following Information with respect to the visitor will be displayed:

  1. Name - The name of the visitor
  2. Email - The registered email address of the visitor
  3. Flag – The flag of the country from which the visitor is visiting your website
  4. Time Spent- Total minutes spent on the website by the visitor during the current visit
  5. Last Visit – The day, date and time of the visitor's previous visit.
  6. Source – The source used by the visitor to reach your website
  7. IP Address – The IP address of the visitor (appears when the visitor name is not tracked)

New Operator’s Visitor History View

The Visitor history page view when no visitor is tracked on your website. You will see two default tabs available “All Visitors” and “Returning Visitors”. You can also click on the “ Create your own list” link and create your own visitor views.

Visitors Tab

There are two types of default tabs available in the visitor history module. They are:

  • All Visitors: This tab lists all the visitors visiting your website.
  • Returning Visitors: This tab separates the repeated visitors from the all visitors and lists them separately.

Set Your Own Filters

There are two options available that allow you to set your own filters to filter the list of all the visitors visiting your website.

How to Create Your Own List Views?

  • To create your own list, either click on the Create your own list link or click on Settings -> Create List option.
  • The “Create your Views” window will then appear. Now choose the type of visitors you would like to filter and view them in the list.
  • You can sort the visitor list by choosing an option from the Sort List By drop-down.
  • To set this filter as your favorite, check the “Set as Favorite” option. The applied filter name will appear in the text box. You can also edit the name of the filter in the text box.
  • Finally, click Apply.
  • Now, you will be able to view the list in a separate column. If the filter is set as favorite, then it will be listed along with the All Visitors and Returning Visitors.
  • You can also delete your favorite list by clicking on the Delete (Trash) icon next to the name in the list.

Send E-mail from Visitor Information

  • You have an option to email your visitors from the visitor history tab. By clicking on the Send Mail option, you can send an email to the visitor's registered mail ID.
  • Once the Send Email button is clicked, the email composing section will appear. Type the email you would like to send to the visitor. You also have an option to CC the emails and save them as drafts.
  • If an email is sent to the visitor, a small icon will appear near the visitor's name in the visitor list.


You can add important notes about your visitor in the notes section for follow-up.

  • Choose a Condition from the drop-down.
  • Then, choose criteria based on the condition and enter a value in the text box.
  • To add more filters in the same list, click on the “And +” or “OR +”.
  •   To apply all the mentioned filters, use And + option.
  • To apply any one of the listed filters, use OR + option
  • To delete a filter, click on the (-) symbol near Enter a value.

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