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How do I view the operator's Performance Report?

The operator performance section is a robust dashboard that gives you a feel for everything going on throughout your entire Live Customer Support Chat operation. When you enter the Reports module, by clicking My Profile on the left-hand navigation, you will automatically enter the Performance Report dashboard below the main profile. By default, the dashboard will be displaying the reports for the current day only. But you are not limited to only viewing reports for Today only, and it is easy to change the range you run any report. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Operators, choose an operator. 
  2. Click Performance Report to view the performance reports of that particular operator.
  3. Change the input data for the reports by clicking the two drop-down menus, one for department filtering, and the other for choosing the time period for the report.
  4. The reports will load automatically.

By default, the performance report displays the operator’s activity across all the associated departments on that particular day but you can manipulate the input source, either by specifying a particular department or choosing a different time frame like Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This month or Last month.

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