Set Operator Chat Window

The Operator Chat Window Settings

Here, you can configure what information you would like to show in the operator chat window.

Navigate to Settings > Portal Settings > Operator Chat Window Configuration. You can enable/disable the following settings in the operator chat window.

  1. Show typing status to visitor- Share the operator's typing status with the visitor
  2. Send file to visitor - Allows your operator to share files across chat with your customers
  3. Share URL - Allows your operator to share a URL with the visitor during a chat session
  4. Email Visitor Information - Allows your operator to share customer information like region, browser details etc. via e-mail
  5. Google Translation - Allows your operator to get an visitor message instantly translated to operator language and Vise Versa through google translation. 
  6. Allow screen sharing - Screen sharing option will be enabled in the operator’s chat window, thus allowing the operators to share their screens with the visitors.
  7. Audio call - Once enabled, the operator’s of your firm can avail the audio call feature in their chat windows.
  8. Visitor Chat transcript- This option will send the Chat transcript to the Visitor on completing the chat session, Automated, Manual, Both and None are options given by Zoho SalesIQ for sending the Visitor chat transcript.
    • Automated – Chat transcript will be sent to the visitor automatically on ending a chat session.
    • Manual – Allows the visitor to manually send the chat transcript on completing the chat session.
    • Both – The visitor can send the chat transcript manually on completing chat session, however the visitor will also get an automated chat transcript on selecting this option.
    • None – The visitor will not have an option to get the Chat transcript.

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