Zoho SalesIQ Integrations - Email Genie

​What is Email Genie?

Email Genie is a magical technology that works with your favorite email client and provides more insights about the email sender. The details like Lead Score, Opportunity, CRM info, Support, and Campaign info if available in SalesIQ then they will be attached to the emails received via the mobile email client. With the available data, you can draft personalized replies to the emails from your mobile email client without opening your SalesIQ app or browser window.

Benefits you get from Email Genie:

  1. You will get all necessary data from SalesIQ along with the email, which can help you to respond instantly.
  2. You can compose an individualized response that helps you to win more deals.
  3. Relieves the pain of switching between the apps to learn about the email sender.
  4. Protect you from sending wrong or irrelevant replies.

Enable Email Genie integration

How to configure Email Genie in SalesIQ?

How to configure Email Genie on your mobile device?

What benefits does Email Genie offer when you receive the email in the mobile client?

How can an admin disable the Email Genie access to an Operator?

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