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Integrate Zoho Survey with SalesIQ

You can integrate your Zoho Survey with SalesIQ and track the information (Name and Email) of the visitors who takes up the survey. If the SalesIQ visitor tracking is enabled in the Zoho Survey form then when the visitor fills the survey, SalesIQ will set a cookie in the visitor’s browser. Using which SalesIQ will identify the returning website visitor by their name and email address.

Let us now create a new survey questionnaire, integrate the questionnaire with SalesIQ and also track the returning website visitor in the SalesIQ.

Create a new Survey

To create a new survey, click on the Create Survey option in Zoho Survey.

Choose an option from Blank Survey/Template/Existing Survey to begin creating the survey. Enter the Survey Name in the text box, and click on the Continue button.

Design your own survey page here. You can create survey with all the questions available in the "Choose a Question to Add" field. But to integrate with salesIQ only three type of questions are allowed, they are:

  • Single Textbox
  • Full Name Textbox
  • Email Textbox

For example: To create a feedback page for the Zylker website, insert the Rating Stars, Essay text box (for feedback), Full name text box and an email text box to fetch feedbacks from the website visitors.

Now click on the Publish button on the right top corner of the preview page and publish the survey. The Zylker Feedback survey is created and published successfully.

How to enable Visitor Tracking in Zoho survey?

The code for publishing the survey in your website will be available in the deploy section. Before publishing in your website integrate the survey with Zoho salesIQ to track your returning website visitors. Click on the Integration tab, and select the Zoho SalesIQ. The Visitor Tracking Integration page will then appear, click on Integrate.

The portals that are available will be listed in the drop-down, choose a portal from the drop-down. If only one portal is available then it will be auto selected.

Then click on the Continue button.

"Mapping the Questions" section will then appear. The Email ID, Name and Phone Number options will be available. As mentioned earlier the Single text box, Full name text box and Email text box can only be integrated with SalesIQ for tracking visitors.


The Email ID field is mandatory for integrating the survey questionnaire with SalesIQ.

In Zylker Feedback Survey, the Email ID and Full name Questions are added. Now integrate the questions in the survey with the visitor tracking.

Finally, click on the save button

Publish the survey in your website using the code available in the Deploy tab.

When the visitor fills the survey, SalesIQ will set a cookie in the visitor's browser. Using which the identity of the visitor will be tracked in the future visits.

How to track the visitors in Zoho SalesIQ?

The registered Name and EmailID of the returning visitor will be tracked and displayed in the Visitor Online -> Tracking Rings of the Zoho SalesIQ.


Only Zoho SalesIQ account holders can view the returning website visitors in the SalesIQ tracking screen.

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