Zoho Survey

The Zoho survey helps you to create your own survey for your website and turn the survey data into insights and create professional reports. You can also find the returning website visitors by integrating the Zoho Survey with SalesIQ now. Yes, SalesIQ can track your returning website visitors who filled the survey. If the survey questionnaire is inserted in your website, then by integrating the survey with SalesIQ the visitors filling the survey can be tracked with their mentioned Name and Email ID when they visit your website again.

Integrate Zoho Survey with SalesIQ

Integrate your Zoho Survey with SalesIQ and track the information (Name and Email) of the visitor who fills the survey. If the SalesIQ visitor tracking is enabled in the Zoho Survey form then when the visitor take the survey, SalesIQ will set a cookie in the visitor’s browser. Using which SalesIQ will identify the returning website visitor by their name and email address.

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