Live Chat and Visitor Tracking Software for Prestashop

Integrate SalesIQ with your prestashop and enable visitor tracking for higher sales conversions. Solve customer issues through SalesIQ and enhance customer loyalty.

Configuring Zoho SalesIQ with Prestashop

  • Log into your Prestashop with your admin account.
  • Click on the "Modules" tab then select " Modules and Services.”

  • Select “Add a new module”.

  • Download the zip file here. And, upload in the “ADD A NEW MODULE SECTION.

  • Scroll down to the “MODULE LIST” section and click “Install

  • Paste the Zoho SalesIQ code in the “Chat Widget code” area

Admin Configurations

  • Chat window – This configuration allows you to handle the visibility of chat bubble in your Prestashop store.
  • Include in – Select the pages, which you would like to display the chat window. If All Pages is selected, the chat window is displayed throughout the site.
  • Quick Chat Button - If enabled, a “Click here to chat” button is added in the product pages.

Getting your Zoho SalesIQ Code Snippet

  • Login to your Zoho SalesIQ Operator console.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Websites, click on the name of the website you are attempting to include in a page.
  • Select Live Chat. In the Installation section, click on Copy this code to copy the code snippet.

Note: To receive live chat notifications you should be logged in to


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