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Clearbit provides its customers with powerful data suite, which was procured by crawling and indexing websites and public information on companies as well as people with no interaction.To be more precise about the functionality of Clearbit, if you send an email address of a person or company domain via an API call, you will be provided with a bunch of valuable information about the input provided. On integrating Clearbit with SalesIQ you will be able to rate the visitors visiting your website thus narrowing down the visitor base to find the prospective ones. Ergo, integrating Clearbit with SalesIQ creates a powerful data reserve for the latter, thus escalating the throughput of your firm. 


This integration is available for Basic, Professional and Enterprise plans. Also, the 15-day Trial users of Zoho SalesIQ can avail, but the integration will automatically disable after the trial when it switches to the free plan.

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