Basics of Zia Skills Platform

Here, you can learn the basics of using the Zia Skills Platform and about the integration process. In the integration flow, the Zia Skills syntax will be automatically converted into SalesIQ syntax.

Mapping a Zobot to an auto-created skill in Zia Skills

A skill is a collection of actions that you would define to your bot to perform for your website visitors. Once you have configured your Zobot inside Zoho SalesIQ and clicked the Access Zia Skills Console button on the top right corner, skills will automatically be created for your bot. Learn more.

What are Actions?

Actions can be defined as a single ability or tasks that have multiple conversations that Zia performs when you give instruction during a conversation.

For example, if your visitor requests to get the website deals of the day and Zia responds dynamically based on the visitor plan, such tasks are defined as an action. Learn more about Actions in Zia Skills                

Using SalesIQ Dynamic Text in Zia Skills Platform

The text that can be conveyed dynamically from one visitor to the other as mentioned in the defined rule is termed as "Dynamic Text". The dynamic text will be auto-populated when the "%" symbol is typed along with the message. Zoho SalesIQ supports Dynamic text in the Zia Skills Platforms and so you can use the dynamic text in trigger messages and chat responses.

How to use dynamic text? 

Using dynamic text in trigger messages:

  • In the Zia Skills dashboard > Trigger Message text box, type % followed by the format along with the message.
  • Messages will be triggered dynamically to each visitor.

Using dynamic text in Zia Skills Platform:

  • In the Zia Skills Platforms, Navigate to Zia Skills dashboard > Zoho SalesIQ > choose Existing skill or Create New skill > View Details.
  • Click an existing action or create a new action in the Customize tab. 
  • In the Add New Action, you can use the dynamic text in the Answer a Question >  Give a Direct Answer > How this question can be asked? section. 
  • Finally, update the changes.


List of dynamic text you can use in your triggers messages and Zia Skills Platform:

Dynamic Text FormatWhat it representsUse in Trigger MessageUse in Zia Skills Platform of the visitor on the website. ID for the visitor on the website. Address of the visitor on the website. number of the visitor.
%visitor.department%Name of the department to which the visitor has initiated the chat.
%visitor.question%Question raised by the visitor while initiating the chat. 
%visitor.ip%IP address of the visitor visiting the website. of the operator attending the chat.
%visitor.pagetitle%Title of the page, from where the visitor has initiated the chat.
%visitor.pageurl%URL of the page, from where the visitor has initiated the chat.
%visitor.referrer%Source from where the visitor is referred from.
%visitor.state%State/Province of the visitor. of the visitor. of the visitor accessing the website.
%visitor.timezone%Time zone of the visitor accessing the website.
%visitor.latitude%Latitude of the visitor. 
%visitor.longitude%Longitude of the visitor. 
%visitor.operating.system%The operating system used by the visitor.
%visitor.browser%The browser used by the visitor.
%visitor.browser.version%The browser version used by the visitor. web embed where the visitor has initiated the chat.
%platform%The platform used by the visitor's in their system. 
%screen.resolution%Screen resolution of the visitor's system. 
%search.engine%Search engine used by the visitor to reach the website. 
%search.query%Search Query (Keyword)used by the visitor to reach the website. address of the attender who attends the chat.
%smart.timenow%Timeperiod in the sequence of the day (Eg. Morning, Evening). name mentioned in Clearbit.
%company.type%Company type mentioned in Clearbit.
%company.sector%Company sector mentioned in Clearbit.
%company.location%Company location mentioned in Clearbit. website mentioned in Clearbit.
%company.employeecount%Company's employee count mentioned in Clearbit.
%company.annualrevenue%Company's annual revenue mentioned in Clearbit.
%company.marketcapital%Company's market capital mentioned in Clearbit.
%company.fundraised%Company fund details present in Clearbit.
%company.twitterfollowers%Your company's twitter followers from Clearbit.
%company.facebooklikes%The likes you got on Facebook that was registered in Clearbit.
%company.industrytype%The industry type your company belongs to.


Note: Some of the dynamic text might not work in the Zobot preview window. 

Passing visitor info and attachments

The visitor object is a map containing the profile information of the website visitor. This will be available inside the messageData map across all scripts inside Zia Skills. Learn more.