Webhook Configuration 

Registering a Webhook 

  • Navigate to Settings > Widgets > Add and give a name for your widget. 

  • Then, choose a brand for which you want to create a widget.

  • Then, choose the modules.

  • Then, choose the platform to build your widget on - Webhooks

  • Then, click Create Widget.

  • The Webhooks configuration window appears. Provide the URL to be invoked for creating a connection.

Webhook Pre-requisites

  • The "https" URL is recommended for security reasons. 
  • Our server can not connect with the URL with the port number.
  • Make sure the URL can be accessed in public API clients such as Postman and Talend API Tester to be accessible in our server.
  • Once the URL is provided, it will be pinged to get validated with the read time out of 5 seconds
  • If it is not reached within 5 seconds, an HTTP HEAD request gets triggered to the URL to check the status code 200.
  • Ensure the webhook returns the response within 10 seconds. If not, the bot will not work. 
  • Furthermore, generate a public key to secure your webhook.​​

  • Then, click Save.

  • You can preview your widget before you publish it in the Widget Preview window. You can choose the module of your choice and preview the widget.

  • Once you are done, click Publish.

  • You can also edit the URL, if required .


Webhook failure alerts

When the webhook continuously fails under the below instances, SalesIQ will send an email alert to both the bot creator/modifier and the portal owner.

  • No emails will be triggered for the first failure.
  • The first warning email will be sent after the second failure, with no success within the past hour.
  • The second warning/alert will be sent following the third failure, with no success within an hour of the first warning email.
  • Upon the fourth failure, with no success within an hour since the second warning email, the bot will be disabled, and a third
  • warning/alert email will be sent.

410 Error: If the webhook returns a 410 error at any time, it will be instantly deactivated, and a warning/alert email will be sent.