Sections edit allows editing/updating an existing section in the widget according to the action performed. It is one of the response types of the action handler. This response type contains a list of existing sections that have to be edited and allows a success/failure banner.

ParameterDescriptionDatatypeMax Limit
typeType of response - sections_editString-
sectionsList of sectionsList5
success_bannerText to be displayed on the banner if the action was a successString-
failure_bannerText to be displayed on the banner if the action was a failureString-
refresh_section whether to refresh the parent section by invoking the action handler with action type navigate_back while navigating back or to show the initial data itself.Boolean-
pendingThe pending action is valid for 3 minutes. ie, the callback API for a particular pending action should be invoked within 3 minutes. Learn more.Boolean-

Sample Script (Deluge):

fieldSet = {{"label":"Contact Owner","value":"Patricia"}};
fieldsetSection = {"name":"fieldset","layout":"fieldset","title":"Field set","data":fieldSet,"actions":{{"label":"Change name","name":"nameChange"}}};
sections = {fieldsetSection};
response.put("success_banner","Name changed successfully");