Banner helps to display a success or failure banner after performing an action to indicate the result to the operator. It is one of the return types of the action handler. There will be no changes to the widget in this case.

ParameterDescriptionDatatypeMax Limit
typeType of response - bannerString-
statusStatus of the action performed. Allowed values are sucess/failure--
textText to be displayed in the bannerString50
refresh_section whether to refresh the parent section by invoking the action handler with action type navigate_back while navigating back or to show the initial data itself.Boolean-
pendingThe pending action is valid for 3 minutes. ie, the callback API for a particular pending action should be invoked within 3 minutes. Learn more.Boolean-

Sample Script (Deluge):

//response.put("status", "failure");
response.put("text","Metrix button invoked successfully");
//response.put("text", "Metrix button invoked successfully, error shown");​