Detail Handler

The Detail Handler can be used to configure the information that will be displayed when a widget is rendered. The code/script for the entire structure of the widget is declared here. In general, widgets are comprised of different sections. There are six different sections to build the widget. 

operatorDetails of the operator who is accessing the widget
environmentDetails of the environment in which SalesIQ has been accessed
contextContext for which the widget is being invoked

Sample Script (Deluge):

Copiedresponse = Map();
                    /* Customer Level as Metrix with options to upgrade / Downgrade membership and Cancel membership*/
                    metrix = {
                                    {"label":"Expires","value":"Dec 6, 20"}
                    metricSection = {
                                                 "title":"Customer Level",
                                                                 {"label":"Upgrade / Downgrade","name":"changeLevel"},
                    /* Customer Account info in fieldset layout*/
                    fieldSet = {
                                      {"label":"Login ID","value":""},
                                      {"label":"Full Name","value":"Tony"},
                                      {"label":"Created on","value":"Dec 6, 2019"}
                    fieldsetSection = {
                                                    "title":"Account info",
                                                    "link_hint":"Click to view complete profile",
                    /* Recent Purchases in listing layout */
                    listing = {
                                    {"name":"HO340WA52EIPHTFUR","title":"₹ 37,900","text":"Tiago Engineered Wood Four Door Wardrobe in Wenge Colour by HomeTown","subtext":"Shipped | Jun 28, 2020","link":"","link_hint":"Click to view product"},
                                    {"name":"HO340FU60GNZHTFUR","title":"₹ 11,900","text":"Paris Fabric Office Chair in Black Colour by HomeTown","subtext":"Delivered | Jun 3, 2020","link":"","link_hint":"Click to view product"}, 
                                    {"name":"HO340FU28GPFHTFUR","title":"₹ 18,995","text":"Castle Engineered Wood Study Table in Highgloss White & Pink Colour by HomeTown","subtext":"Delivered | Apr 14, 2020","link":"","link_hint":"Click to view product"},
                                   {"name":"EA921CR91NXCHTFUR","title":"₹ 399","text":"Floral Print Polyester Door Curtain in Brown Colour by Easy Life","subtext":"Delivered | Apr 3, 2020","link":"","link_hint":"Click to view product"}, 
                                   {"name":"HO340KD18ZKJINDFUR","title":"₹ 2,399","text":"Living Essence Oil And Vinegar Bottle With Salt And Pepper Storage 5 Pcs","subtext":"Returned | Apr 3, 2020","link":"","link_hint":"Click to view product"},
                                   {"name":"HO340KD19FDCHTFUR","title":"₹ 8,995","text":"Vento Metal Dining Chair Set of Six in Black Colour by HomeTown","subtext":"Delivered | Mar 1, 2020","link":"","link_hint":"Click to view product"},
                                   {"name":"HO340SO62AENHTFUR","title":"₹ 43,900","text":"Rhea Fabric Three Seater sofa in Brown Colour by HomeTown","subtext":"Delivered | Jan 23, 2020","link":"","link_hint":"Click to view product"}
                    listingSection = {
                                                  "title":"Recent Purchases",
                    /* Requests to return products in empty section*/
                    emptySection = {
                                                   "title":"Requests to return",
                                                   "text":"There are no pending requests",
                                                   "actions":{{"name":"addReturnRequest","label":"Add request"}}
                    sections = {metricSection,fieldsetSection,listingSection,emptySection};
                    return response;