You can send Push notifications to the app user with a message on the mobile device about chat messages from the visitor or an upcoming event when the user is not in the SalesIQ application or using the mobile.

You have two environments available for the push notifications settings:

  • Production: You can use the production setup to reflect the changes in the application directly. The modifications made and saved in this environment will get reflected in the application.

  • Sandbox: You can use the sandbox environment to test and debug the modifications before moving the changes to the application.

APNs Certificate (P12)

You must create and upload a valid Apple Push Notification service (APNs) certificate to send push notifications to your application users. The APNs forwards notifications from SalesIQ applications to the Apple devices.

How to generate the APNs certificate?

  1. Log in to the iPhone Developer Connection Portal and click on the iOS Provisioning Portal on the right side of the page.
  2. In the welcome page, click on the Identifiers section, to open the list with identifiers.
  3. To create a new App ID, open the App IDs tab and click on the New App ID button. Enter your app name for the Description, and enter the Bundle Identifier.
  4. Make sure you have created an App ID without a wildcard. Wildcard IDs cannot use the push notification service.
  5. Then, click on the submit button.

APNs Password

The APNs certificate would demand a password during configuration. Provide the same password of your APNs certificate here for authentication.

Test the push notification on your registered mobile devices

To experiment with the push notification services, you can register your testing mobile devices here. And then, you can enter a test message in the text box and click "Send". The message will be sent as a push notification to all the registered devices.

How to register your mobile device?

  1. First call the ZohoSalesIQ.enablePush(deviceTokenString, isTestDevice: true, mode: APNSMode.sandbox) API to register your device with SalesIQ for recieving push notifications
  2. The "deviceTokenString" here is received after successful registration for remote notifications with Apple.
  3. You can enter the notification text in the message and click the 'Send' button to test. The Registered mobile devices will receive your test notification message. 
  4. You also have an option to delete the registered test devices.

If you delete the test device here, then the test message notifications will not be sent to those devices. Other notifications will be received/sent on the registered mobile devices.