Note: This API was deprecated in version 4.0.0. Use knowledgeBase.getResources() instead.

This API allows you to fetch the list of published articles from the specific category in your SalesIQ knowledge base. The ID of the category needs to be passed as a parameter to the API. The API returns a list of instances of the SIQArticle class which contains information for each article.


categoryIDStringID of the category for which articles are to be fetched.

SIQArticle class contains the following properties:

idStringID of the article
articleNameStringName of the article
categoryIDStringID of the article category
categoryNameStringName of the article category
viewCountintNumber of times the article was viewed
likeCountintNumber of times the article was liked
dislikeCountintNumber of times the article was disliked
createdTimeDateTimeTime at which the article was created

Error Codes:

605mobilisten disabled
608invalid category id



    .then((articleList) {

    }).catchError((error) {