‚ÄčThe Mobilisten Flutter SDK provides various chat-associated APIs for the users - to customize their data like name, email, etc., - to perform actions like start/end SDK chats from their application, to get the chat lists, and to control the visibility of certain features/views like launcher visibility, operator image visibility, offline message visibility, etc.,

VisitorChat class contains the following properties:

idStringID of the chat
questionStringThe question with which the chat was initiated
attenderNameStringName of the chat attender
attenderEmailStringEmail of the chat attender
attenderIDStringID of the chat attender
departmentNameStringName of the department to which the chat is associated
feedbackStringFeedback provided for the chat
lastMessageStringLast message in the chat
statusSIQChatTypeThe status of the chat
ratingStringRating provided for the chat
unreadCountintUnread message count for the chat
isBotAttenderBoolFlag to check if the last chat was attended by a bot
lastMessageSenderStringName of the last message sender
lastMessageTimeDateTimeTime of the last message in chat
queuePositionintPosition of the chat in current queue