SalesIQ Scripts Bot Handlers

In the SalesIQ scripts bot builder, there are four handlers where you will begin to code called, trigger, message, context, and failure handler. This flow chart demonstrates how the SalesIQ Script works:


The flow of these handlers

  • A visitor lands on the website. When this visitor matches the trigger criteria set while setting up the Zobot, the bot triggers a message (trigger handler executes). 
  • When the visitor doesn't match the triggers set and when they proceed to initiate a chat reactively with the Zobot, the message handler executes.
  • It checks if the context in the message exists and if it does, it collects all the inputs that it can find in the message. Otherwise, it looks for another message that matches the existing context.
  • Once the message handler is successfully executed, it collects all the responses from the visitors and gives them to the context handler executes to perform the desired action. 

Customize Bot using Handlers

These handlers in SalesIQ Scripts are used to customize your bots.