Customize Bot using Handlers

You can use the handlers available in Zoho SalesIQ Scripts to customize your bots. The handlers are pre-defined responses to any specific action/ message in the bot.

The following are the handlers available in SalesIQ scripts:

  • Trigger Handler:

    The trigger handler is a piece of SalesIQ script which is used to invoke a custom action/message by the bot when the visitors visit your site. Check the various attributes passed when this handler is triggered.

  • Message Handler:

    The Message Handler is invoked when the bot receives a message from the website visitor. The combination of messages received from the website visitor will be analysed and stored in the code already, and the bot will respond to the visitors based on the question they receive, from the available answers. Learn more about the attributes passed from the bot to the message handler.

  • Context Handler:

    The Context Handler can be used when the visitor engages in a conversation with the bot. Context is a data definition that is used to collect multiple inputs to perform a single action. The conversation is mostly in a question-answer format. They can work in association with Message handlers and Trigger handlers i.e., the handlers can return a context instead of a message reply. So, all the inputs defined in the context will be collected and the context handler will be invoked. In that case, the context handler is a piece of SalesIQ script which is invoked after collecting all the inputs for a particular context. Here are the various attributes passed from a bot to a context handler.

  • Failure Handler:

    The Failure handler gets invoked when the actions returned in the other handlers fail to execute. Eg, when the message handler returns an action to forward the chat to an operator and if the operator is not available, the failure handler gets invoked.Check the various attributes passed from the bot to the failure handler