This API can be used to initialize the SDK with the completion callback.


applicationContextcontext of your application
appKeyappKey generated for your package
accessKeyaccessKey generated for your package 
initConfigclass object that can be used to set the custom fonts for SDK (you can pass this as null if you don't need custom fonts). Learn more.
onInitCompleteListenerlistener object which holds the initialization success and failure methods.


CopiedZohoSalesIQ.init(Application applicationContext, String appKey, String accesssKey, InitConfig initConfig, OnInitCompleteListener onInitCompleteListener);
CopiedInitConfig initConfig = new InitConfig();
initConfig.setFont(Fonts.REGULAR, <fontPath>);

ZohoSalesIQ.init(this, "appKey", "accesssKey", initConfig, new OnInitCompleteListener() {
            public void onInitComplete() {
		//your code on successfull initialization

            public void onInitError() {
		//your code on failure