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How to add a new Web Embed?

Go to "Settings", in the Web Embed section, click on the "Add" button. Then, enter the name of your new embed. Choose to associate the embed with a specific department, or choose the “allow operators to select department” option. Finally, click on the"Generate" button.

What are the types of Web Embeds?

There are four types of web embeds available in Zoho SalesIQ:

  • Float Button
  • Chat Button
  • Chat Window
  • Personalized Chat Box

Note:Only the float button embed has the visitor tracking option.

Is it possible to customize the web embed's display message?

Yes. In the Settings -> Web Embed section, click on the name of the specific embed you would like to edit. Select the "Configure Messages", click "Edit" option and enter your desired message. Finally click on the Save.

What are the available operator roles?

There are three types of operator roles available:

Administrators can perform any action in your Zoho SalesIQ, access all information and edit any configuration.

Supervisors can not make any changes to the Zoho SalesIQ, but they are able to view all the data inside your operation.

Associate connect and chat with customers and deliver solutions. You can limit what data they have access to, and they can’t delete or edit any records.

How to add a new department?

In the Settings -> Departments section, click the “Add” button. Add the Department name and description. Choose whether this department will be "Public" or "Private", then add operators to the department by selecting the operator from the display box. Finally, click "Add" to create the new department.

How to block the spammers Ip address?

In Settings -> Blocked IPs section, click on the "Add". Enter the IP address you want to block and add a comment about the reason for blocking. Finally click save.

How to set business hours?

Go to Settings -> Company, hover over Business hours click on the configure. Mark a region on the weekly calendar table and click on the Save button.

Is it possible to transfer the ongoing chat to other operators?

Inside the chat view window, click on the More Actions -> Transfer Chat. Choose the operator you wish to transfer the chat to from the list. Add comment in the description area, and click "Transfer" to hand over the chat.

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