Customize Chat Widget

    Customize your Live Chat Widget

    You can now customize the live chat widget and the chat window to match the look-and-feel of your website and choose where and how you want them to be displayed to your customers and can connect with the seamlessly.

    Float Widget

    The float live chat widget is a handy way to attract your visitor's attention throughout your pages without intruding into their on-page experience as it "floats" along your visitor's browser, even as they scroll down.

    Button Widget

    The button live chat widget can be fixed in any desired location on your page that could get your customers attention for immediate access to customer support.

    Personalized Widget

    Now have your visitors choose the operators they wish to engage with through live chat. With display of the operator's areas of expertise, display image and unique greeting let your visitors have a personal connection with your operators like never before.

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