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Customize your Personalized Widget

Get full hold of how you want your personalized widget to be visible on your website by the customizing the appearance, changing the content, font, color or upload your own widget sticker and much more to suit your web presence.

How do I customize the appearance of the personalized widget?

  • Login to your Zoho SalesIQ Operator console and click Settings.
  • In the Websites section, click on the name of the Website you want to customize.
  • "Add" the live chat platform and then select Widget on the left side.
  • Next, select the Personalized widget.

  • Click on Appearance to change the way you want the personalized widget to be displayed on your website.

1. Choose a live chat widget sticker : Here, we let you choose the most suitable personalized live chat widget sticker for your website from the list of widgets stickers available.

Add a description of your operator on the personalized widget : Along with the operator's image you can also add the description/about me message of the operator by selecting  My Profile-> About me. Then, add a message and click Update

2. Pick a color : Here, we let you pick a suitable color for the widget sticker to match your website requirements.

3. Display the number of operators you want on your website : This option lets you decide the number of operators you want to display at a time on your website and by clicking on More you can view the remaining operators that are not displayed on your website at the moment.

4. Hide live chat widget when I'm offline : This will hide the personalized live chat widget from your visitors when all your operators are offline.

    Note : This should override the business hours configuration.

5. Hide live chat widget on your mobile browser : This will hide the personalized live chat widget in the mobile browser.

Changing the content of the personalized chat widget

  • Click on Content to change your chat widget font and to set online and offline tagline messages for your visitors.

 6. Choose your live chat widget font : Here, choose an ideal font from the list of font options for the personalized live chat widget. For the perfect font match, go for Auto option.

 7. Set yourself apart with chat labels : Set an online/offline status message for your visitors so that they can initiate a chat when, the operators are online and  leave a message when, the operators are offline.

 8. View live chat widget on your website : With this option, you can view how the personalized live chat widget looks in the website (For eg. where you have embeded the SalesIQ live chat code by simply typing the webiste URL.

 9. My website view when I'm online/offline : Now, you can preview how the personalized live chat widget will apear to your visitors when operators are online/offline.

  • Make your required changes and click Update

Also, preview the changes you make on your website or mobile browser simultaneously on the right side by clicking on Website view or Mobile view.

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