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How to Translate Chat?

When the chat is received from the visitors, a notification message stating the “language detected! Would you like to translate? Accept or Cancel”. Click on “Accept” to get the chat translated or click on the “Cancel” to continue with the visitor language.

What is Canned Message?

Storing the text that is frequently used to the visitors is known as Canned message. You can store the messages in the "Canned Message" section, and use them from the chat window by typing # followed by the starting letter in the text area. The stored canned messages will pop-up in the screen.

How to add the Canned Message?

To add a canned message, select "Canned Messages" and click on the "Add" button. Type the desired content in the "Compose Message" box, then choose the department you want to associate the message with or choose All Departments for a general. Add a category or choose an existing Canned Message category. Finally,Click "Save".

Where to view the Visitor and Operator based reports?

In the Reports section, click on the Visitors and Operator tabs to view the respective reports. In the top of this reports dashboard, you can configure the input for the following reports, with the ability to run a report by a specific department (or across all departments) and the time period you want to gather the reports’ data from (Today, Yesterday, This week, Last week, This month, Last Month, or Choose your own range).

What is Dynamic Text?

The text that can customize or change is termed as "Dynamic Text". The message will be conveyed dynamic from one visitor to the other as mentioned in the defined rule. The dynamic text will be auto-populated when the "%" symbol is typed along with the message.

How to view and reply to the Missed Chats?

You can view the chats you missed in the "Missed" tab. In the Missed view, you have access to the requests that are automatically created each time your Zoho SalesIQ misses a visitor’s chat request. You can also reply to the missed chat via Email, click on the missed chat you would like to reply from list. Then click on the "Send Email" button in the right top corner, the Email drafting page will open. Enter your reply to the visitor's query and click Send. Your reply will be sent to the visitors registered Email.

To reply to the missed request, click the Reply button at the top right, and type your reply in the editor that will appear. Click Send to send the message, or Send & Close to deliver the reply and close the outstanding ticket associated with the missed chat request.

How to view and filter the Visitor Feedback?

You can access by clicking the Feedback option on the left-hand navigation below the Visitors module, lets you see how your chat support operation is performing through the eyes of those they are supporting. By clicking the filter drop-down menu at the top-right, it is easy to filter your feedback. You can filter by date, to see how your agents performed on a certain day, week, month, etc. Or filter by a particular agent to see only their feedback. Even filter by rating—to see what are the common factors of all your 5-star rated chats.

Is it possible to configure Zoho SalesIQ for Jabber Clients?

Yes, you can configure Zoho SalesIq for jabber clients. Your Zoho SalesIQ will only work in conjunction with Jabber if you have a Zoho user name associated with the account you wish to use. If you only have your login e-mail and not a Zoho user name, you will be unable to configure any device or app to connect to your Zoho SalesIQ through Jabber.

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