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Connect Your Google Chat with SalesIQ

You can now link your Google account with SalesIQ and chat with your visitors through Gmail chat. When you are not available to take up the chat through SalesIQ, you will receive it through Gmail chat if your Google account is linked with SalesIQ. This in turn helps you to increase your business and customer support.

Connect Your Gmail ID With SalesIQ

To connect your Google chat with SalesIQ, do the following:

  • In the My Profile tab, click on Edit button and navigate to the XMPP/Google Chat section.
  • To connect your Gmail ID with SalesIQ, enter the Gmail ID in the XMPP/Google Chat textbox.
  • Click Update to save changes.

Connect Your Google Apps Account With SalesIQ

If you are a Google Apps user then before linking your Email Id with SalesIQ, please configure the SRV Records (part of DNS records) for your domain to connect salesIQ with your domain.

Now, enter the Email ID in the XMPP/Google Chat textbox and click Update.

You will then receive 5-friend requests in your Gmail Id from bots, through which the SalesIQ chat will be routed to your Gmail chat.

Accept the requests in your Gmail chat, and converse with your SalesIQ customers through Gmail chat.

Check Your Bot Status in SalesIQ

You can check your invite Status, Action, Email id of the bot and Name of the bot in the XMPP/Google Chat sections.


  1. Online - appears when the request is accepted and ready to chat
  2. Pending - appears when the request sent is yet to be accepted
  3. Declined - appears when the request sent is rejected


  1. Disable - To disable the bot
  2. Re-invite - To Re-send the bot invite request

Once you have accepted all the chat request, you can see the online status of all 5 bots in your Gmail chat.

How to Answer the Chat in Gmail?

Now when the visitor initiates a chat, you will receive it through one of the bot. Type “Y” in the messaging area and hit Enter to accept the chat.

Once you accept the chat, you will receive the connected status message and the details of the visitor in the messaging area.

The status of the bot will then change from "Online" to "Connected to Benny" in the XMPP/Google Chat section.

Visitor Information

You will also be able to view the visitor information in the messaging area of the chat window and inside the contact details box.

You can view the name of the visitor below the bot name in the chat window while assisting the visitor.

Chat Window

You can converse with 5 visitors at a time, further chats will be routed when any one of these bot is freed.

Ending a Chat

To end the chat, type #e in the messaging area and hit Enter.


You can use the Chat Commands in the Gmail chat window and access the Zoho SalesIQ tools from Gmail chat.

For example, if you want to block the IP address of the spammer from Gmail chat, then type #b in the messaging area and hit enter. The IP address will then be blocked and you can view the blocked IP address in the Blocked IPs section of SalesIQ.

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