Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can SalesIQ track the visitors visiting my website?

    The website visitors hitting your website can be identified and tracked by pasting the SalesIQ code into the HTML(script) section of your website.

    SalesIQ identifies its visitors by using one of the methods given here.

  • How to set up my company profile?

    To set your company profile, navigate to Settings > Company tab, give the company details along with the Business hours

  • How to add an operator?

    To add an operator, navigate to Settings > Operators > Add Operator

  • What do you mean by hot and cold visitors?

    The visitors who match the criteria set by you in the Customize section are Hot visitors and shown within the priority rings. The visitors who do not match the criteria set by you in the Customize section are Cold visitors and are shown as stars outside the priority rings.


  • Why does the chat widget in my website go offline?

    Here are some common reasons why your chat widget may go offline on your website. 

    1.Activated Business Hours

    2.Status set to "Busy"

    3.Reaching the Concurrent Chat Limit (Engaged)

    4.User not associated in department.

    To know more about this, click here    

  • How to set working hours of the chat window on my website?

    Zoho SalesIQ provides a feature Business hours to ensure the live chat's online and offline hours can be set by the administrator. You can configure this by navigating to Settings > Company section and enable Business hours.


  • How to change the portal name?

    You can edit your portal name under Company section in Settings.

  • How to edit the chat widget??

    You can customize the chat widget by appearance and content. To customize, navigate to the Settings > Websites > website name > Live Chat Widget > Widget


  • What is the difference between Visitor and Chat routing?


    Visitor Routing helps you route the website visitors to specific agents, you can set specific filters for the visitors by setting different rules and route the visitors to different agents. So, only the routed visitors will be visible on their Visitor Online dashboard.

    Chat Routing helps you to prioritize and route the visitor chats to the operators based on the condition and criteria. You can set different rules to filter the chats requests and route to the operators, and you also have an option to route the filtered chats to a specific operator.

  • Is there any option to send chats of a particular country to an operator?

    Yes, you can route the chats of a particular country by navigating to Settings > Automation > Chat Routing > Add. Set the criteria to be Country is equal to "France"(example) and assign specific operators to those chats by selecting Route to selected operators under the Routing Options.

  • What are intelligent triggers?

    Intelligent Triggers are business rules that exist to grab the attention of the website visitors when they perform certain actions: land on a website, click a link/button, scroll a page, subscribe, access a page, leave a website and so on. 

  • I want to analyze my team’s performance. Is there a way I can get all these data?

    Yes, Reports feature allows you to download reports of operators' performance. Reports tab is a pre-loaded dashboard where you can run and view reports to learn more about your agents' performance, track growth and goals.

    You can configure the data set you generate for each report by selecting the department and select the time period you want to run the reports for.

  • How to export an excel sheet of visitors' list from SalesIQ?

    The visitors list can be exported by navigating to the Visitor History section and then clicking on the hamburger icon > Export as .csv/ Export as .xlsv.


  • Is there a way one operator can start a conversation and then hand off the conversation to another operator?

    Yes, there is an option to transfer the chat to other operators in SalesIQ. To transfer a chat, click on More Actions and select Transfer this Chat. A window then pops up for you to select an operator for the required department.


  • What happens if the operator has reached the set limit of concurrent chats?

    The operator’s status is set as engaged (Purple color) and won’t be notified of any incoming chats until either one of the existing chats end causing the status to revert back to available (Green color).

  • How do I know if an operator is online or busy?

    You can check this under SalesIQ's Settings > Operators > the border RING visible on the operator’s image indicated the operator’s status.

    • Grey - Offline/Signed-out.
    • Red - Signed-in and set Busy
    • Green - Available
    • Purple - Engaged
    • Yellow - Idle
  • What determines if an operator is idle in SalesIQ?

    The idle time kicks in as soon as the operator moves away from your SalesIQ tab and start working on other apps or software. It is also applied to mobile devices when our app is moved to the background. The feature was designed as a fail-safe for those who frequently leave their desks.

    So, we would recommend you to access your SalesIQ application, before the idle time gets exhausted or you could set the idle time to its maximum.

  • How to turn on the Article feature?

    In order to enable the Article feature, enable the Allow visitors to access articles from their chat windows by navigating to Settings > Websites > Website Name > Live Chat Widget > Chat Window > Configurations. Once enabled, you can now create an article by following the steps given here

  • How to make the "email" field mandatory in SalesIQ's chat form?

    The Email field can be made mandatory in your pre-chat window by

    1.Navigating to Settings > Websites > Website Name > Live chat widget > Chat Window > Fields.

    2.Choose the Pre-Chat option in Chat Survey in the Fields section,

    3.Then, scroll to Choose Input Fields to Display in the Chat Window, click on the Enable button adjacent to the "Email Address" field and then hover over the chat window pre-view displayed in the right side.

    4.Select the checkbox Mark the field as mandatory option.