Integrating with Zoho CRM

Customer Support Completely Integrated

Embrace completely unified customer interactions and discover your business, centered around your customers.

A potent combination for delivering happiness

Zoho CRM, the world’s leading small-business CRM, organizes, streamlines and stores the lifeblood of your company—customer data and interactions. Teamed-up with LiveDesk, the customer support chat app specifically formulated for small teams, you will discover a potent combination. Armed with the tools and information you need, when you need them, you deliver instant happiness to your customers easily and efficiently.

Integrate and thrive

Link LiveDesk with Zoho’s award-winning CRM and strengthen your small team's customer-supporting force. Because Zoho engineered both specifically with the needs of small and growing teams in mind, it is easy to support customers and grow lasting customer relationships.

LiveDesk and CRM: the customer-centric cycle

Connect instantly with curious website visitors and answer questions. Support long-standing customers with the personalized, on-demand solutions. Whatever, whenever, whoever, and wherever—LiveDesk and CRM work together to improve all your customer support interactions. Zoho CRM already tracks and organizes your customer interactions; complete the customer-centric cycle by incorporating the ability to connect with your customers instantly through live chat. However you engage with your customers, track it all, remain organized, and support customers in a snap.

Customer support, meet customer data

Instant access to your complete customer database arms you automatically with vital information about the customers you chat with, saving you time and empowering you to deliver better-tailored answers. Go deeper, quicker, with a complete, detailed picture of each customer directly inside your CRM only a click away.

Leverage your existing CRM into better customer support

Connect LiveDesk to your existing Zoho CRM account and leverage the customer-supporting power within your extensive customer database. Each time your team updates your CRM, you refine the tools you can use to better deliver relevant, personal support to customers.

Add notes directly to your CRM

Chat with customers and add insights gleaned from your interactions directly into your CRM. With on-demand, personal service and support through chat, it is easy to engage with customers on a deeper level. Listen, learn and easily add notes directly into your CRM, so your whole team benefits.

Connect, support, follow-up and grow

Stay attuned to the pulse of your customers and customer support performance, by tracking and reviewing your chats as a part of your holistic customer outreach. Automatically capture customers chat activity, including complete transcripts, and even create follow-up tasks in your CRM. Live support chat fits seamlessly into the system you already use to manage, organize, track and report on customer interactions and business growth.

Ensure no one falls through the cracks

Add new visitors into your existing customer database, as a lead or contact, while you chat directly from the same window. Or program all new incoming visitors—or only a certain segment, if you prefer—to be automatically entered into your CRM. Create new tasks, and even convert leads to potentials, all from the same window you use to chat. With new visitors vitals etched into your CRM—and tools to work with your data—you can easily fit them into your existing processes and build new, lasting relationships.

Maximize the value of each-and-every visit. Add live chat to your site and start wowing your customers by delivering instantaneous support.

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