What makes Zobot™ the right pick for your business?


Self-service AI chatbots with a human element


Codeless drag-and-drop chatbot builder


Integrations with top AI technology


Deployable on instant messaging apps


Multi-language support

What can you do with SalesIQ's AI chatbot platform?

Build chatbots with zero coding

You can now build a fully functional chatbot to automate your live chat operation without a single line of code.

With our codeless chatbot builder, all you need to do is create a chatbot flow using the drag-and-drop interface and type in your bot responses.

Answer common customer queries with our AI chatbot

Automate customer support and provide instant responses to common customer questions with Answer bot—our ready-to-deploy AI-driven knowledge base chatbot. Answer bot understands common customer queries in natural language and answers them using your knowledge base.


Add AI to your standard chatbot

You don't have to choose between a rule-based chatbot or an AI chatbot anymore! With Zoho SalesIQ's chatbot builder, you get the best of both worlds! Add AI chatbot (Answer bot) capabilities into your guided flow chatbot to make it a hybrid bot.

Build a hybrid website chatbot by adding AI to your standard chatbot
Merge your guided and AI chatbot to build a hybrid bot

Enhance global support with multilingual chatbots

Automate conversations with customers across the globe in the language of their choice. Create a single chatbot flow and set it to work in up to 30 languages, detecting and responding in the same language as incoming chats or adapting to your website's language.

  • Multilingual chatbots for global customer support
    Serve a diverse audience with multi-language chatbots
  • Scale global support with multilingual chatbots
    Deploy multilingual chatbots to support customers globally
Multi-language chatbots for global support

Deploy AI chatbots across channels

Automation using chatbots doesn't have to be limited to websites and mobile apps. Deploy a chatbot on your social media and instant messaging channels to assist your followers and customers at any time of the day.

Scale up multi-channel support by deploying AI chatbots on your instant messaging channels

Power your chatbot with the AI technology of your choice

Zobot—SalesIQ's website chatbot software—lets you build AI chatbots with technology you may already be using like IBM Watson, Dialogflow, Microsoft Azure, Haptik, and Zia Skills.


Program custom chatbots with our coded chatbot builder

For the coders out there, our chatbot software also includes a programming interface. With some basic coding skills, there's no end to the automation you can achieve with SalesIQ's chatbot platform, Zobot.

Our website chatbot builder comes with sample chatbot templates you can tweak to your specific industry needs.

 Build custom website chatbots with the coded chatbot platform

Connect your chatbot to your servers

Need a chatbot that can retrieve or push data to your internal databases and web servers? Our website chatbot software has webhooks to help you do exactly that.

Connect your chatbot to internal servers and databases with webhooks

New success stories every day


If anyone needs any help planning a holiday or making a booking, or if they have a question about an existing booking, they can contact us directly. We have the chatbot pre-programmed so that visitors can select what they need help with when no one in the team is available online.

Stoewie van den Bulk, Co-founder, View Retreats

We've implemented a codeless bot named DoughBot 2.0 using Zoho SalesIQ's intuitive no-code platform. Initially, DoughBot began as a simple decision tree but has evolved into a more sophisticated network of responses. Designing and refining DoughBot has been an intuitive process, greatly aiding our customer engagement strategy.

Michael Robinson, Senior Marketing and Sales Manager, BreadPartners Inc

Building the bot using SalesIQ's codeless bot builder is easy as a pie. It has helped us respond to the queries in under a second. We've also enabled the bot to handle the queries after our business hours. Now, we aren't missing any visitors' engagements or inquires. We're online 24/7, even when we're not.

Mohammad Masoumi, ERP Product owner, 416-Flowers

I leverage Zoho SalesIQ's web tracking feature and chatbots on product sites. Setting different bot conditions for each product page encourages product site navigation and conversions.

Yosuke Nakayama, Manager, APOLLOWAVE Corporation

Harness the power of AI chatbots for superior customer engagement

Get started

New to AI chatbot software? Here's the complete guide!

What is a website chatbot?

A website chatbot is a computer program designed to interact with visitors on a website, providing information, assistance, and support through real-time messages.

What is an AI Chatbot?

An AI chatbot is a type of website chatbot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer questions and respond to them.

What is the need for AI chatbots?

Customers these days expect round-the-clock support from businesses. This involves hiring employees to cover multiple shifts and carefully planning a staff roster, which is expensive and complicated. AI chatbots can quickly solve this for you. In addition to providing 24/7 assistance to customers, AI chatbots help you avoid unpleasant conversations caused by overworked support agents and unhappy customers.

What is an AI chatbot builder?

An AI chatbot builder is software that helps businesses create AI chatbots for their website using AI technology. AI chatbot builders allow businesses to automate communication with prospects and customers.

What are the different types of chatbot-building platforms?

There are three main types of chatbot platforms available on the market:

  • Guided flow or rule-based chatbot builders: Guided flow chatbots, also called rule-based chatbots, interact with customers using a predefined decision tree and bot conversation flow. There are two types of guided flow/rule-based chatbot platforms, and each serves different groups of customers.
    • Codeless chatbot builder: A codeless chatbot builder comes with building blocks that you can drag-and-drop to create custom chatbots, meaning you don't have to write any code. This type of chatbot platform works well for entrepreneurs or small business owners who are not programmers and don't want to hire one just to create chatbots. It also works for marketers, salespeople, or support specialists who need to build conversational chatbots without the help of a programmer.
    • Programmable chatbot builder: A programmable chatbot builder lets you create website chatbots using a few lines of code. This type of chatbot platform serves business owners who are developers or large enterprises that have dedicated developers to support other business functions.
  • Smart AI chatbot platforms: An AI chatbot platform helps you create and deploy conversational AI chatbots that understand natural language and respond to inquiries using natural language processing (NLP).
  • Hybrid chatbot builders: The term hybrid chatbot has been used to market conversational chatbots with a live agent hand-off feature. But hybrid chatbot actually means combining two different types of chatbots: AI and guided flow bots. SalesIQ has come up with a way to create hybrid chatbots by plugging Answer Bot, our ready to use AI chatbot, into your rule-based chatbot created using our chatbot software, Zobot.

Why do websites need AI chatbot software?

Here are some signs your website needs chatbot software:

  • Your website has a lot of traffic that doesn't convert.
  • Your products and services are complex and prospects need help choosing what's best for them.
  • High intent pages have a high bounce rate.
  • Your sales and support teams have a high load.
  • You receive a substantial number of support requests outside business hours.
  • Most of your support inquiries are repetitive.

What are the key features of AI chatbot building software?

Here are some of the key features of AI chatbot software:

  • UI that makes chatbot building easy.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand and respond to queries.
  • Pairs with your internal servers so the chatbot can retrieve and push data to them.
  • Easy hand-off from AI chatbot to a human agent.
  • Integrates with all your sales and support tools.
  • Provides chatbot conversation analytics.

What are the benefits of AI chatbot software?

AI chatbot software helps businesses in the following ways:

  • AI chatbot platforms help save support costs and increase efficiency with automated round-the-clock support with minimal human intervention.
  • With AI chatbot software, you can automate lead generation, initial lead nurturing, answering FAQs, processing orders, and scheduling refunds and replacements, freeing you for more complex tasks.
  • Conversational chatbots improve customer satisfaction with 24/7 availability, quicker responses, and faster resolution.
  • AI bots are immune to fatigue or burnout, ensuring consistency in response tone.
  • AI chatbot software provides website visitors a conversational experience and the information they're looking for, leading to better conversion.

How do you choose the best AI chatbot builder?

Here are some attributes to consider while choosing an AI chatbot software:

  • Ease and speed of deployment
  • Customizability and scalability
  • Auto-recording of information gaps so you can keep it updated
  • The chatbot learns over time
  • Chatbot conversations have to be as close to human conversations as possible
  • Ability of the chatbots to be easily fixed with little to no downtime
  • Data security and privacy
  • Integrability with your existing tech stack

How can you create an AI chatbot for your website?

The first step in creating a AI chatbot for your website is determining what you want your chatbot to do, like provide customer service, respond to FAQs, or help users navigate your website. After you've determined this, you need to choose a chatbot platform that has all the functionalities you need to build your AI chatbot and design your chatbot conversation flow. To learn more, check out our blog post on how to build an AI chatbot for your website.

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