Measuring and understanding how engaged your website visitors are is key to increasing sales conversions. I’m sure you audit visitor engagement through a monthly website analytics report. But that still gives you only data from the past, not actionable insights in real-time.


“Action is the real measure of intelligence” – Napoleon Hill.

What if you could take all intelligence from your visitor information and act on it in real-time? That would be quite impressive indeed. Let me take you through a bunch of examples to help you understand the potential of Zoho SalesIQ’s intelligent trigger rules and how they can deliver personalized engagement experiences.

1) Automated greetings 

Automated greetings are a fun and easy way for you to get started with intelligent triggers. You can greet website visitors based on their geo-location. For example, a welcome message can be configured in French to greet visitors from France and another triggered in English to greet visitors from the United States & United Kingdom.

5 easy ways intelligent triggers can increase your sales conversions by automating website visitor engagement.

 2) Recognize & engage returning visitors

Driving quality new visitors is crucial for your success, but how you treat returning visitors is just as important. These are people who have an established higher level of interest in your business. For example, you can create  trigger messages for visitors who have been to your website more than thrice.

5 easy ways intelligent triggers can increase your sales conversions by automating website visitor engagement.

3) Generate more sales from your e-mail campaigns

E-mail campaigns are a crucial weapon in your marketing arsenal for aggressive customer acquisitions. Driving highly targeted traffic to your website and engaging prospects when they are on your website is crucial.

You can set up an intelligent trigger based on campaign content, name or source with a contextual message attached to each trigger.

5 easy ways intelligent triggers can increase your sales conversions by automating website visitor engagement.

4) Proactively engage at decision-making phases on your website

We all have that one page on our website that has good traffic, but prospects keep dropping off after spending a considerable amount of time. For example, Prospects on your pricing page who spend more than 50 seconds can be sent out a trigger message.

 You can reach out to them, understand any concerns, answer their questions and even negotiate a rebate or pricing promotion.

5 easy ways intelligent triggers can increase your sales conversions by automating website visitor engagement.

5) Convert Zoho CRM data into actionable intelligence

An extremely powerful technique that uses Zoho CRM data for website visitor tracking.
A trigger can be configured based on the
information available in any of the fields in the ‘Contact’, ‘Lead’ & ‘Potential’ sections.

Imagine the ability to reach out to prospects currently on your website with a  potential value more than $50,000 or the number of open potentials is more than 3. You can now step-in and have that friendly conversation which prospects might be reluctant to start by themselves.

5 easy ways intelligent triggers can increase your sales conversions by automating website visitor engagement.

How a trigger works

5 easy ways intelligent triggers can increase your sales conversions by automating website visitor engagement.

  • Multiple rules can be configured for a single trigger using the ‘Advanced’ option.

  • SalesIQ checks if the search engine that sends a visitor over to your pricing page is ‘Google’ and if the visitor is from ‘United States’ a trigger is initiated exactly after 55 seconds.

Selling can be so much fun! You don’t have to be chained to your desk during that process. Set-up these triggers and configure Zoho SalesIQ on your smartphone and enjoy closing deals on the move. So what intelligent triggers have worked best for you? Will you share your secret sauce with us in the comments section? You can also learn more about triggers through our weekly webinars. Register Now!

  1. Nithya Sudhir

    Great Article. Really detailed. 🙂
    And thats exactly why I have linked your article as a resource, on a post that we recently wrote on “Event Website Design Ideas That Can Attract Your Target Audience”. You can take a look at it here:

  2. Paula Jervis

    Hi, please can you tell me how do I go set up the itelligent triggers? We have SalesIQ running but I can’t see this option.

    • Ambi Moorthy

      Hi Paula,

      You can set-up intelligent triggers by following the steps mentioned below,

      1) Log-In to Zoho SalesIQ.

      2) Go-to the ‘Settings’ sections.

      3) Go-to the ‘Automation’ section & then to ‘Intelligent triggers’.

      4) Select rules and action to be performed by a trigger. You’re good to go!

      I’ll also have a support person reach-out and assist you further.


  3. Peter Boersma

    Dear support, regarding the 9 am PDT is 11 PM local time, Bangkok. Impossible for me to attend. what else can you offer to install these intelligent triggers. I do have salesiq. I don’t have a high IT knowledge level.


    • Ambi Moorthy

      @Peter, no worries! I’ll have our support person reach out to you ASAP. He’ll help you to set up intelligent triggers for you website.


  4. Franco Simonelli

    Great article, so its much easy to understand the sales potential of this software.


    • Ambi Moorthy

      Thanks Franco, Saw that you already have Zoho SalesIQ on your website. Get the most out of intelligent triggers by joining our weekly live webinars.

  5. Brittney

    Quality articles is the important to attract the people to pay a visit the website, that’s what this web site is providing.

  6. Craig

    What Zoho applications are required to implement the above items? I suggest that you can improve response to the above blog post by including a CTA or call to action. Once finished reading this post, the user does not know where to go or what to do. For example – exactly HOW does one create a trigger? Perhaps some hyperlinks to appropriate pages would enhance usability of the post.
    As a Zoho user for several years, I have found that documentation – detailed documentation – is hard to come by on your website. It is also hard to reach a live support specialist. Lastly, the CRM module that I use does not seem to have been updated since the day I started – must be at least 3 years now. Still has the same limitations. You could get more money out of me if a) you did a survey asking me how you could improve the product b) made support EASILY available – meaning I do not have to hunt through ten screens to find a place to send an email c) improved the product to meet my needs.

    • Ambi Moorthy

      Hi Craig,

      As mentioned in the post, to implement intelligent triggers on your website you need to get the app Zoho SalesIQ. Also, you can attend our weekly live webinar to get trained on how to configure intelligent triggers.

      Glad to know that you have been using Zoho for several years. Thanks much for your feedback about Zoho CRM, I will pass this on to respective team.