Email Settings

Email Settings

While Zoho SalesInbox comes with an array of useful features, it is important that you set them up in a way that will ensure effective email management.

This guide on Email Settings will help you with configuring filters, associating folders and tasks to the filters, configuring email workflow rules among many other functions. Read through this guide to learn how to make the most out of Zoho SalesInbox.

Compose Settings

In the compose settings, you can choose to customize the font size and font type of an email. Also, you can choose to either send an email immediately to a recipient or delay it for a pre-defined period of time. When delay settings is enabled, emails are stored in the Scheduled folder until the specified time, during this time you can choose to edit the email.

To set email compose setting

  1. In SalesInbox, go to Settings > Email Settings > Compose.
  2. Type the subject of the email.
  3. Under Send Emails > enter a value in With a Delay of "n" Minutes.
  4. Click Save.

Manage Filters

Create email filters to break through the clutter and work with just the emails that matter to you.
Create Filters | Import Filters | Run-through Filters | Associate filter actions

Manage Folders

Learn how to create a folder and associate a folder to an email filter.
Create a folder | Empty a folder | Delete a folder

Manage Tasks

Learn how to create, assign and work with tasks in Zoho SalesInbox.
Create a task | Assign a task | Delete a task

Set up email workflow rules

Zoho SalesInbox lets you automate adding an email sender as a lead/contact to Zoho CRM. This is possible by setting up email workflow rules.
Create email workflow rules

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