SalesInbox Shortcuts

SalesInbox Shortcuts

There are several shortcuts to achieving an action in SalesInbox. They are all listed below.

  1. Select emails in bulk: When you hover over the email categories in the CRM view, you will notice the Select icon. When clicked, this icon enables you to mass select emails, and either delete them or mark as unread.
  2. Mark mail as read/unread or delete mail: A shortcut to mark individual emails as read/unread is to hover over the particular email and choose the Mail icon. To delete the mail, click the Trash.
  3. Find unread emails quickly: To access unread mail quickly, simply click on top of the category you wish to view the email from. From the drop-down, click Unread to view only the unread emails in that particular category.
  4. Move emails quickly to a new category - To convert an Not in CRM as a lead or a contact or a colleague, drag that email from Not in CRM and drop it in the Contacts & Leads or Colleagues column. A pop-up will appear, from which you can take the necessary actions.

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