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Frequently Asked Questions on VAT

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What are the fields required in a tax invoice?

A tax invoice must contain the following fields, in Arabic:

  • The invoice issue date and date of supply (if different).
  • A sequential invoice number.
  • The supplier’s legal name, address, and TIN.
  • The customer’s legal name and address. If the customers are self-billing, the invoice must also include their TIN and the statement that suppliers and customers have agreed to self-bill for VAT.
  • The quantity and type of goods, or the extent and nature of services provided.
  • The total amount of revenue eligible for VAT & exemption, and the VAT rates (5% or 0%) to be used.
  • The unit price, exclusive of tax. Explanation of any discounts or rebates that are not included in the unit price.
  • The total tax payable in SAR.
  • Explanation of any supply where a zero-rated, exemption or margin scheme is used to calculate VAT.
  • The profit margin method.
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