Create & Send Purchase Orders

Status of a Purchase Order

Status Description
Draft Purchase orders when created will be in the Draft status.
Open Purchase orders once sent to the vendor will be in the Open status.
Closed Purchase order once accepted by a vendor can be converted to a bill and the status will be Closed.
Cancelled If the vendor rejects your purchase order, the order can be cancelled and the status will be Cancelled.

The bills created for the respective purchase orders will have any of the following statuses:

Status Description
Partially Billed When the purchase order is billed only for some items, then the status will be Partially Billed.
Billed Once the purchase order is converted to a bill, the status will be Billed.

Enabling Purchase Orders

To enable purchase orders:

Enable purchase orders

Creating a New Purchase Order

To create a new purchase order:

Fields Description
Vendor Name The vendor for whom you are raising the purchase order.
Purchase Order# You can either auto-generate a number or manually enter it by clicking the Gear icon.
Reference# Enter a reference number for your reference.
Date The date on which you raise the purchase order.
Delivery Date The date on which the shipment is to be delivered.
Shipment Preference The transportation mode of the shipment.
Item Details Select the items in the purchase order.

Purchase order new customer

Templates can be customized by navigating to Setting >Templates and choosing from the purchase order templates.

Creating a Purchase Order from Contacts

You can create purchase order for a customer directly from the Contacts module. Here’s how:

Contact Purchase Order

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