Connecting to PayPal

Zoho Books is directly integrated with PayPal - a leading online payment gateway. With this integration, you can:

In this page you will learn:

Setting up PayPal

To set up your PayPal acount in Zoho Books:

If your PayPal account is credit type, then you need to choose Credit Card.​

After signing in, you will receive a message indicating successful integration with Zoho.

Adding Currencies and Fetching Feeds

After you have successfully set up your PayPal account in Zoho Books and are redirected back to your Zoho Books account from PayPal, you will be asked to fill a form where you will be entering the following information:

Fields Description
Download transaction history from Date in the past 90 days to import feeds from PayPal. The transaction history for the past 90 days will be fetched by default if no date is specified.​
Currency​ Currencies in PayPal that you wish to track in Zoho Books.
Associate​ Bank Account Associate your PayPal currencies to an already existing bank account or choose to create a new account for the currency.
To add more currencies, click the Add new currency button.
After entering the details and click Save.

Add Currency

Adding New Currency

To add a new PayPal currency:

Removing Your Currency

If you have stopped receiving payments for a particular currency or if you had setup a wrong currency, you can remove that currency feed from PayPal.

Make sure you deactivate your PayPal feed before removing a currency. Removing all your currencies will remove the PayPal integration.

To remove your currency:

Deactivating Feeds

Activating Feeds

In case you have deactivated your feeds, you can reactivate them. There are two ways in which you can do this:

Reactivating feeds directly

Activate Feeds

In the following add currencies page, you need to associate your currencies to an already existing bank account or choose to create a new account for the currency. You can also add new currencies.

Reactivating feeds by choosing PayPal account

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