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Conduct remote interviews and get auto-generated transcriptions, tag your observations using AI for efficient data synthesis, and deliver powerful insights with Zoho ResearchStudio.

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Host secure and reliable remote sessions

Record your remote sessions and get timestamped notes and transcripts.

  • Conduct live interviews with participants
  • Share a unique session link for each project
  • Transcribe interviews automatically
  • Use timestamps to skim recordings faster
  • Assign moderator and notetaker roles
  • Collaborate with peers during sessions
Live remote sessions with recording and note taking

Synthesize raw data into shareable insights

Tag all of your observations to quickly generate actionable, data-backed insights that are ready to share.

Auto-tag data to
quickly start analysis


Highlight, annotate,
and tag observations


Build research taxonomies
for all your projects

Build both global

Visualize data with pie charts,
bar graphs and more


Publish insights to
project stakeholders

Deliver summarized

Create and publish engaging reports

Build detailed reports to clearly convey research results to all stakeholders with key findings, actionable insights, and recommendations.

  • Create complete reports with powerful formatting, editing, and proofing tools.
  • Build reports from scratch or using built-in template.
  • Insert cover pages, TOCs, charts, and citations in just a few clicks.
  • Link findings to the corresponding observations and insights.
  • Create and publish reports to share your findings with stakeholders.

Report: Threat to movie theatres due to OTT platform

The rise of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms has revolutionised the entertainment industry, providing audiences with convenient access to diverse content. However, this has posed challenges for traditional movie theatres, prompting a closer examination of the evolving landscape.

Threat to movie theatres due to OTT platform

Qualitative data analysis for any field

  • Ethnography

    Solve complex design challenges with usability tests, or gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and customs around the world.

  • Narrative

    Build personas for market research, study health and illness experiences, or gain context for your next historical nonfiction novel.

  • Case Studies

    Build a database of individual experiences that can help guide further research, marketing intiatives, policy decisions, and more.

  • Grounded Theory

    Find emerging trends in your field, whether that’s analyzing how consumers respond to your brand or how sports help develop life skills in athletes.

  • Phenomenological

    Discover how students are responding to e-learning, how a new hybrid work model impacts employee motivation, or how a war has affected veterans and their families.

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