Reporting on Zoho Creator Applications

Creating reports on your data in Zoho Creator Applications using Zoho Reports


>>Reporting on Zoho Creator Applications

Zoho Creator is a popular Online Database Application creation service from Zoho. Thousands of users are using Zoho Creator to develop and host their online database applications to address their business needs. These applications typically enable data collection through forms and enforce business workflow & logic through Deluge, the scripting language of Zoho Creator.


Zoho Creator also supports reporting to address the basic needs of any application. Zoho Creator's focus is on enabling users to quickly create Online database applications and does not specialize on powerful & advanced reporting. Zoho Reports complements Zoho Creator in this regard by providing Zoho Creator users the option to create powerful and flexible reports on the data collected in their applications.


There are two ways to go about when using Zoho Reports to create reports over Zoho Creator data.


Report creation features of Zoho Reports are available right within the Zoho Creator environment. Reports (only charts and pivot tables) can be created over data collected for each form in the application, by accessing the "Reports" tab available in the edit mode of the application.


You can read more about how to use the Reports tab within Zoho Creator here.


This method enables users to use the advanced features in Zoho Reports for report generation & customization. By following this method, not just charts and pivots, but dashboards, query tables, summary tables etc can also be created and shared with other users.


The following presentation captures how you can use this method to exploit the advanced features of Zoho Reports' and create reports based on the data in your Zoho Creator applications.



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The charting ability is awesome! I love the product- Stephen Crescenti (Account Executive)

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