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Zoho Reports Optimizes TV Programming for Rede Globo

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>>Zoho Reports Optimizes TV Programming for Rede Globo

Latin American Television Network Analyzes Viewership Data with Zoho’s Online Reporting and Business Intelligence Solution


PLEASANTON, Calif. — April 20, 2011 — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Helping people work online, Zoho today announced Rede Globo, the largest commercial television network of Latin America, is optimizing its programming with Zoho’s online reporting and business intelligence solution, Zoho Reports. Rede Globo—widely known as Globo—is using Zoho Reports in its TV and cable TV divisions to analyze viewership data about videos and TV shows.


Zoho Reports on the Air

Globo uses Zoho Reports to generate reports and dashboards that reveal the daily and monthly views of each show and video in its TV and cable TV divisions. The individual show results are then aggregated based on type, target demographic and other criteria to determine viewer trends and tailor overall programming.


Prior to Zoho Reports, Globo was using internal processes and tools, including Microsoft Excel and SPSS, to create its viewer reports. While functional, this approach posed several challenges. First, everything had to be sent through email. Second, the internal process was not flexible. The users had to ask Oppermann for everything first, and then he—not the users—would run all the queries, create the reports and send them out to the users manually.


Switching to Zoho Reports is making it easier to share information with users. Instead of sending emails to individual users, those users now log into Zoho Reports directly. Better still, users can make their own queries and create their own reports.


Currently, Globo has 40 people actively using Zoho Reports to report against 8.5 million rows of data. That data set grows daily as the company aggregates data, converts it into a text file, and imports the text file into Zoho Reports—an everyday manual process that will soon be automated.


In addition to the flexibility and productivity gains, Zoho Reports is benefiting Globo’s bottom line. Using Zoho Reports lets Globo forego the use of SPSS and eliminate the cost of its licenses. While Oppermann cannot quantify the exact savings, they are confident that they “are saving a huge amount of time and money.”


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