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Publishing Options

Publishing Zoho reports

Zoho Reports offers a wide range of publishing options to enable easy distribution and collaboration. You can publish the reports and dashboards that you create in Zoho Reports as live embedded reports in your websites/webpages or as iGoogle Gadgets or as easy to access URLs to your users/colleagues. While using the publishing options you could still control the access privelages and permissions provided to the users who access the reports or dashboards published.

Advantages of Publish feature

  • You can publish any data, reports or dashboards that you create in Zoho Reports.
  • Embed Reports & Dashboards Anywhere: Embed your live reports and dashboards across Websites, Blogs and Applications for wider consumption.
  • Access Reports & Dashboards from iGoogle home page: Publish your reports and dashboards as widgets into your iGoogle Home page for every day access.
  • Easy to Access Bookmarkable URLs: You can generate easy to access standalone URLs (Permalinks), which can even be bookmarked, for accessing the reports and dashboards by your users.
  • Fine grained permission control: You can set fine-grained permissions while publishing the reports to users, such that they would be allowed to do only the permitted operations, like read, write, export etc., when they access the reports published.
  • Highly Secure: While publishing the views you can specify whether it requires a user to login into his/her Zoho Reports account for access (private access) or can it be accessed without login into Zoho Reports (public access). This is apart from the fine grained permissions that you can provide for the view while publishing.
  • Single Version and the latest always: Any data or report or dashboard published when accessed by users, will always see the latest live version and nothing old

A Quick Overview of Publish Options in Zoho Reports

In this section we will discuss the various Publishing Options offered by Zoho Reports as listed below: