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Globo - Optimizing TV Programming With Zoho Reports
"We generate reports and dashboards that reveal the daily and monthly views of each show and video in its TV and cable TV divisions. - Alexandre Oppermann, BI Co-ordinator - Web Analytics, Globo

The Business

Rede Globo (Portuguese, for Globe Network), or simply Globo, is a Brazilian television network, launched in 1965. It is owned by media conglomerate Organizações Globo, being by far the largest of its holdings. Globo is currently the largest commercial television network of Latin America and the third largest in the world, behind only CBS and NBC, being watched by an estimated 120 million people daily.


The Challenges

Prior to Zoho Reports, Globo was using internal processes and tools including Microsoft Excel and SPSS to create its viewer reports. While functional, this approach posed several challenges. First, everything had to be sent through email. Second, the internal process was not flexible.

"The users had to ask us for everything first, and then we would run all the queries, create the reports and send them out to the users manually. This didn't scale well" , says Alexandre Oppermann.

The Solution

Globo switched to Zoho Reports. This made it easier for Oppermann to easily share data and reports with his colleagues. Instead of sending emails to individual users, those users now log into Zoho Reports directly. Better still, users make their own queries and create their own reports too.

Adds Oppermann, "Currently, Globo has 40 people actively using Zoho Reports to report against 8.5 million rows of data. And this data set is growing continuously as the company aggregates more data everyday."

Benefits & Results

In addition to the flexibility and productivity gains, Zoho Reports is benefitting Globo’s bottom line. Using Zoho Reports lets Globo forego the use of SPSS and eliminate the cost of its licenses.

"Compared to our earlier solutions, Zoho Reports gives us flexibility. We can give access to all the data and reports, and our users can do whatever they want. A lot of manual work that we were doing before, we aren't doing anymore. And that's increased the productivity of everyone, especially us", Oppermann says.

By going with Zoho Reports, Globo now enjoys the below benefits:

  • Increase in productivity of both the IT team and the end users
  • Easy sharing and distribution of data and reports to 40 of its users over the web
  • Centralized and dynamic reporting over 8.5 million and growing rows of data
  • Increased user adoption as the end users can themselves now create the reports they want using Zoho Reports' drag and drop interface
  • Savings in user licenses for the previously used desktop software

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The charting ability is awesome! I love the product- Stephen Crescenti (Account Executive)

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