Collaboration - Sharing & Publishing

Accessible over the web, Zoho Reports helps you collaborate easily with whoever you choose to - peers, clients, vendors - with its intuitive sharing and publishing options.

Multiple sharing options are available. You can not only share your reports and dashboards with your contacts but also share it with a group defined by you. Apart from this you can publish a table or report so that it becomes public and is accessible by all. Learn More

Step 1: You can either share individual reports or an entire reporting database. Select the report to be shared and click "Share" -> "Share this View to New Users" option in the toolbar.

Add user email address(es) for sharing. You can add these email addresses from your Google or Zoho contacts or from your existing list of shared users.

Step 2: You can provide fine-grained access control like Read/Write permissions, Export permissions etc. while sharing.

Filter Criteria

Step 3: Zoho Reports provides an option to apply filter criteria when you share a report. When you apply filter criteria while sharing, the report accessed by the shared user will get created over the filtered dataset based on the filter criteria provided.

Using this functionality, the same report can be shared to different users with different sets of filter criteria applied.

In the screenshot provided we have specified the criteria as "Region" = 'East'. When this sales report is accessed by the shared users, they will be able to view data pertaining to the region East and not other regions.

Step 4: An invitation mail will be sent to all users to whom the report is shared. This is optional.

You can customize the sharing invitation mail that gets sent as shown in the screenshot.

Click on Share. Each user receives an email with a URL to the shared view.

Sharing to Group

A group is nothing but a collection of email addresses of individuals. Setting a database group helps in easy collaboration within a group of people.

You can setup any number of groups for easy sharing & collabration

You can share any report to a database group as you share them to individuals.

All collaborative features available for individuals, are also possible at the group level.

The shared details of a particular report can be edited by accessing "Share" -> "Edit Shared Details" option in the toolbar of the corresponding view.

Once a report has been shared, you can further edit the shared details. You can either add more participants or delete the present ones. You can also change the view permissions provided.

Publish Options - Embed Reports in your Application

Zoho Reports offers a wide variety of publishing options. Reports can be embedded in your websites, intranet, blogs, and other web applications for wider access. To embed a report, copy-paste the embed code given in your website or web application or blog.

You can opt to have the embedded reports as an interactive one or as a static image. You also have customizing options like changing the height/width of the report, removing toolbar etc.

All the reports you embed are live and interactive. Changes done to the data in Zoho Reports get reflected in the embedded report.

Embedded below is an interactive chart from Zoho Reports. You can mouse over or click on data points, legends etc. to interact with it.

Publish Accessible URL for your Report/Dashboard

Selecting the "Publish-> URL/Permalink for this view" gives you a standalone URL to access the particular view selected, directly from the browser. You can bookmark this URL for quick access of this view, as well as circulate this among your users.

You can also customize the view options to be available for the report being published as shown in the screenshot.

Make Views Public

You can choose to make the views created in Zoho Reports public, thus making it accessible to everyone without login. These views can be accessed by knowing the access URL.

If you wish to list the database under Zoho Reports Public Reporting Databases listing, to be seen by any user, then you need to check the box 'List this database in Zoho Reports Public Databases page'.

Views in a reporting database can be made public only by the database administrator/owner.

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