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Measuring Marketing Effectiveness with Zoho Reports
"The thing I like most with Zoho Reports is the ability to have my reports hosted on the web instead of having to create reports using PDF files or other formats that must then be attached to emails and sent to clients who may or may not be able to even open the file. Now I simply email my clients a URL that they can click to instantly view their own custom Zoho report."
- Chris Swanson, Owner, BMA Marketing


The Business

BMA Marketing addresses a very niche segment, that of managing coupon programs for bowling centers. BMA Marketing's owner Chris Swanson says BMA takes a blended approach, mixing traditional paper coupon campaigns with new technologies to track phone call activity, handle data entry of new customer info collected on the back of each coupon and also send follow-up email marketing to the new customers the coupons deliver.


BMA uses LongJump.com's PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution for the production work flow, Kall8.com's unique toll free tracking phone numbers for logging, recording and analyzing each phone call the coupons generate, and Zoho Reports for providing a web based reporting dashboard to present the phone call activity to BMA's client bowling centers. These cloud services allow BMA to expertly manage many complex projects, measure the response and report the results of the marketing campaigns to each client.


The Challenge

Prior to using Zoho Reports, BMA Marketing was dependent on the limited reporting functionality offered by LongJump. Since LongJump does not offer web hosted reports, Chris had to create a reporting process that generated static report files which were attached to emails and sent weekly to BMA's clients.


Says Swanson, "In the earlier version of my reporting process, I did the reporting within my LongJump platform. I have had a lot of success with LongJump but their reporting system has some limitations. I had little control over the formatting or font size of the report and my clients complained that the reports were hard to read."

Chris tried various file formats for the reports he sent to his clients. But the different formats had their shortcomings.


  • CSV files: Some clients were not interested in using Excel while others did not even have Excel on their PCs to view the file with. Also, some of his clients wanted to access the files on their mobiles phones or tablets and the spreadsheet reporting format missed the mark.
  • PDF files: Some of his clients could not open the PDF reports.
  • HTML files: Mac users had issues opening the HTML formatted reports.


Chris says, "The main goal of our reports is to provide our clients with a URL link for each call. With a simple click, a recording of any phone call is played. Clients love the instant insight they get from reviewing the calls coming into their businesses. Any report format that gets in the way of clicking a link and opening a web page to play the call audio is a big problem."


The Solution

Swanson evaluated and switched to Zoho Reports. He exports the Kall8 phone call data every week as a CSV file and imports it into Zoho Reports. This step takes two minutes but he's looking at automating this activity. He then goes through the phone call records, listens to the longer calls and adds comments where appropriate, directly in the Zoho Reports system. Swanson has created a call report dashboard for each of his clients. Once a week a merged email message is sent automatically from LongJump that encourages clients to review their Call Report dashboard (hosted on Zoho Reports). Clients click a unique URL link that has been merged into the email message and a second later are reviewing their own custom dashboard (see screen capture below).


Swanson says the solution has really taken off. More and more clients are now telling him that they love the dashboard he's built with Zoho Reports and use it all the time. Recently, a client of Chris' called him and she had this to say, 'Oh, I just want to tell you how we use the Call Report in our training meeting each week. We project the report on the screen, we click on the links and we listen to the phone calls together ...it's a great training tool.'.


Chris added, "The dashboard contains a report of calls by month as a bar chart and a report of the calls by type as a pie chart. At the bottom of the dashboard is a table that lists all calls row by row. I add comments to important phone calls. My clients can click on an html link to listen to any of the calls."

Benefits & Results

Using Zoho Reports lets BMA Marketing offer its clients a comprehensive and easily accessible dashboard.


"The Zoho Reports interface seems to be designed by people who actually use web applications and web services. I'm just referring to the entire experience. From the login to the color choices to the way the entire interface is organized, it's well-designed, easy to use and the performance is fast. It appears that the service is made by people who breathe, drink and eat just nothing but web applications and services - I am glad I gave the free trial a shot.", Swanson says.

By going with Zoho Reports, BMA Marketing now enjoys the below benefits:

  • Easy sharing and distribution of data and reports to all its customers over the web
  • Increased user adoption as the customers can now easily click on a URL and view the reports
  • No need for BMA to keep deleting past data as the storage offered by Zoho Reports is affordable and more than sufficient.


Screen capture


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