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SQL Querying


In Zoho Reports, you can query the data using SQL (Structured Query Language), to create powerful and flexible reports. You could construct SQL SELECT queries in any of the known database SQL dialects, like Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix and ANSI.


Click on New -> New Query Table for creating your SQL query.

Also watch "Creating Query Table Video"  

Type your SQL SELECT Query in the text area given. You can construct any type of SQL SELECT queries like Joins (helps join multiple tables), Unions etc.,


By default an example SELECT query would be provided which you can edit.


Zoho Reports makes it easy for you to construct your SQL queries.


You can insert columns or supported SQL functions into the query being constructed, by clicking on the listed columns or functions under the tabs 'Insert Columns' or 'Insert SQL Functions' respectively.


In the example to the left, say you want to insert a new column named Region. Clicking on 'Region' will add it to the query


Similarly you could click on any of the listed in-built SQL functions and insert the same into your query.

Click on the "Execute Query "button to execute the query. The top 10 rows on executing the query will be listed for preview at the bottom.



Query Table in "View Mode"


Once you are done with executing your query, you can switch to View Mode which will show all the rows which result on executing the SQL SELECT query.


You could save this Query. The Query tables saved can further be used to create any type of report over them, as you do over a table.




The screen shot to the left shows a pie chart created based on the Query Table above.


Also watch "Creating Query Table Video"  



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