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"Since adding Advanced CRM Analytics with Zoho Reports, our company's business intelligence has skyrocketed. These tools let us peer into every aspect of our business to identify areas of exceptional performance as well as weaknesses and inefficiencies. The decisions we make every day based on our reports increase our bottom line and keep us competitive as we grow.

Beginners can use the many insightful reports that are generated automatically and will find it easy to create their first reports, while experienced users will be happy to have the ability to break down their data in any way they can conceive of with the advanced functionality of Zoho Reports.

Any business should consider Zoho Reports for their business analytics, and companies using Zoho CRM are missing out on a huge competitive edge if they aren't using Advanced Analytics on their CRM data. I would strongly recommend Zoho Reports to any company that cares about making intelligent, informed decisions."

Ian Melchior

"I chose Zoho Reports because of the interface and the robust features to handle our volumes of data quickly and efficiently. And also because it allowed for quick and efficient changes through the GUI."

Amy Milligan
Worldwide Express  |  Worldwide Express Case Study

"We had people tracking data and reports with Excel Spreadsheets and passing them around. Needless to say, some people would not update their spreadsheet to the current and then use old data to make changes. We lost control of the data and reporting. I needed a reporting database in which everyone could access the information and reports, but one person could control. Zoho Reports did the job for us. It has been very beneficial and we are again using the data & reports with confidence."


John Kubenka, CMMS Administrator
CH2M Hill

"As a new business, Travelace has been researching solutions for user friendly and cost effective applications for data management, reporting and data analysis. had been recommended as having an excellent suite of solutions and Zoho also has been receiving very positive press for it's range of products. We subsequently chose Zoho Reports.


I would highly recommend Zoho particularly for small to medium sized business. In particular, their customer service and assistance offered to our company has been excellent and totally exceeded expectations.


We look forward to working with Zoho into the future."


Roisin Bennett, Managing Director

"We consult with numerous organizations using an Estimating and Job Tracking Information system who need comprehensive business analysis reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Using various API tools we are able to extract the data from their database and import into Zoho Reports.


The wide variety of report and chart options available in Zoho Reports allows us to serve our customers with secure web reports which can be viewed online, emailed as PDFs or CSV files. Our customers are able to make informed business decisions using Zoho Reports.


Although we are quite adept at programming, there are many instances where we seek the advice and support from Zoho. Much to our surprise we not only receive a timely response but a follow up phone call to ensure that we have the information we were looking for.


We highly recommend Zoho Reports due to its ease of use and excellent support."


Roderick Bley, Technical Sales Representative
Fabricator's Choice, LLC.

"I was assigned to do my job as Systems Developer and Analyst using Zoho. My first project relied much on Zoho Reports. Through the help of Zoho Reports' support team and my basic knowledge in sql querying and software development, I never got lost! I really commend the support team for their fast and straightforward responses.


We have been using Zoho Reports for more than 3 months now and we are very happy. We already see the endless possibilities in using this reporting tool. Thumbs Up Zoho!"


Christian Joy Talastas, Systems Analyst and Developer
Eisdorfer Consulting Enterprises

"The Advanced CRM Analytics add-on gave us the ability to analyze the quality of leads we get from many sources, and to pinpoint the source which gives us the best leads conversion rate. In addition, it helped us analyze our CRM potentials and find the stages which need more care and do some process fixing. The Advanced Analytics add-on also enabled us to join the CRM information dynamically with information of other sources. In our case, it was a half-yearly customer survey from our customers. This enabled us to analyze our customers' satisfaction per industry, per region and so on."


David Saltoon
Holistic CRM

"I don’t know where you get your support people, but boy, I was truly blown away by their level of knowledge! Answer was concise, to the point; and even if I didn't know how to ask the question, spot on what I needed!"


Riaan Strydom
Procure 2 Pay Intellection

"The Zoho Development team is an outstanding partner to us at Blue Ridge. They share the same commitment to excellence that we strive for with our customers."


Dan Craddock, President
Blue Ridge Inventory Group, LLC

"Whenever I call, your support reps are always there to help. Zoho Reports has changed my business!


Thank you support team, and Zoho Reports."


Paul Abel, President
Elite Business Ventures, Inc

"We transferred to Zoho 6 months ago and it could not have been easier. Our sales agency uses Zoho Reports integrated with Zoho CRM to track our invoices and commissions to our traveling representatives. Reports that took us half an hour to create in our old system because info was stored in different areas takes about a couple minutes in Zoho. The sky is the limit with this system. You get the data in and slice it up any way you want. Thanks for a great product."


Nolan Davis, Owner
Outdoor Sports Marketing

"Due to the recent economic crisis, we had anticipated a deterioration of our customers' payment morale. Thus we decided to support our accounts receivable managers and top management with new reporting tools. Solving this task with an extension of our existing ERP system would have required heavy IT development and an increase in license fees.


Instead, we opted for Zoho Reports which does the job perfectly well! Transactional data is transferred from our ERP system to Zoho Reports daily. Our credit managers and top management now each have their own custom made reports using Zoho Reports. Additionally, we have created customized reports for our Top 15 customers that they can access via the web. They can now track their payables and the status of their payments online. We are now in a position not having to tolerate excuses like 'I have not received the invoice, I do not know when to pay'.


Zoho Reports is a powerful reporting application that does not only make our processes more efficient but it also saves us money! And it does something that I have never seen in the IT sector before: It does break even as of day one!"


Gabor Sved, CFO
Neckermann Hungary (Thomas Cook Group)

"As administrator of a large grass roots non-profit we were looking for solutions that allowed users in 20 or more countries to enter, store and report on lots of data. We found the perfect solution utilizing Zoho Reports as the centerpiece of our data system. As an example we 1. use Zoho Creator for data input. 2. The data is imported automatically into Zoho Reports where we have numerous queries and summaries. 3. We then "pull" the Zoho Reports queries into various reporting tools via Zoho Creator API.


Some of the reports we do via Google Spreadsheets by using the "import" functions and data from Zoho Reports via the HTTP API. This "mashup" allows Zoho Reports data to be shared right in our user's Google Docs interface.


Both the product and customer support have been terrific."


James Saunders, Sys Admin CIC
Children In Christ

"We have been trying to mash up data from 4 different cloud based ecommerce systems for 3 years. We evaluated every Open Source BI platform under the sun - in the end building the data import process was just way too complicated for what we needed to do. Zoho Reports' Data Upload Tool allowed us to AUTOMATE the import of data from all 4 systems via CSV and MySQL direct feeds in ONE afternoon of work! With a few hours of using CloudSQL and building reports, we now have a TRUE dashboard to run our ecommerce business. Icing on the cake is the recession proof monthly pricing that Zoho Reports offers!"


Chad Lancour, CEO
Helmet Camera Central

"Zoho Reports offers a free web-based reporting solution that usually only big-budget sites can afford. Deserves a wide audience, especially among small businesses, charities, and volunteer efforts, however big or small. Their one-to-one personal customer service is the most hard-working and dedicated I have ever experienced."


Allan Leonard, Director
Northern Ireland Foundation

"Thanks for your very rapid response in addressing my problem. I really appreciate your professional and patient approach in not only solving my problem, but explaining and demonstrating the full power of your impressive suite of reporting tools. Hats off to you all!"


Benjamin Walker, Director
Touraine Design Studio

"We are an HR Services provider and as a part of our business, manage tons of people and process related data. The use of Zoho Reports has brought in tremendous value in the following areas:


  • People performances: The spikes in Zoho Reports' Dashboard represent our superstars.
  • Trends: In a given project, for each process stage, we now have access to the trends. This helps us proactively tweak our approach almost realtime.
  • Shareable Platform: Zoho Reports' 'Share this view' function now makes it easy for the not-so-tech savvy among us to focus on what is happening rather than fret about technological glitches, passwords, et al.

I wish the Zoho team the very best. You folks help change lives (at an affordable cost!)"


Rajesh Kumar
TMI Network

"I tried Zoho Reports because they offered help in setting up the data. And I was surprised at the speed and response I got from the support team. I felt like I had a BI expert on call, for free, to set me up. I honestly don't believe I could have had the same service with a higher end provider with less than $3000 initial investment, to say the least.


Zoho Reports was very easy to implement and the support team was instrumental in setting up the first few reports - mainly because I am not proficient with the lexicon of SQL. Once I started to understand the few principles upon Zoho Reports is built, the drag and drop interface did the rest."


Daniele Poggio, Co-Owner
Aqualibria  |  Aqualibria Case Study

"We recently discovered Zoho Reports. First, we focused on our financials and we implemented all our dashboards using this smart and amazing software. Next, we will be delivering dashboards to our HR department. These were requested a long time ago but are still pending because they were tough to create even when using other costly software.


We really enjoy Zoho Reports, so we totally recommend it!"


Paulo Miguel
Resource IT Solutions

"Our team is working from several locations. So we use Zoho Reports as a repository database where people can view detailed information and summary reports.


Beside this, the support offered by the Zoho team is excellent!"


Daniel Aisemberg, Director
Evaluando Software

"I was able to learn really quickly how to use your program, really like an hour, just logging in and exploring. I quickly saw how to create a database that could hold all of the records and how to create all the reports by drag-and-drop."


"The thing I like most with Zoho Reports is the ability to have my reports hosted on the web instead of having to create reports using PDF files or other formats that must then be attached to emails and sent to clients who may or may not be able to even open the file. Now I simply email my clients a URL that they can click to instantly view their own custom Zoho report."


Chris Swanson, Owner
BMA Marketing  |  BMA Marketing Case Study

"Zoho Reports has helped our business reach the next level. It's so easy to use (no coding required) but is nevertheless more powerful than many other products on the market. I would recommend it to anyone looking to procure a business intelligence solution on a shoestring budget."

Shaheed Fazal
Interchem (Chemist Wholesale) Limited  |  Interchem Case Study

"I needed a rigorous way to analyze and display calling data for our B2B Appointment Setting campaigns. Zoho Reports was the perfect solution to be able to do deep data analysis and show it visually so we could get daily insights for our calling campaigns. By using Zoho Reports we are able to greatly increase the effectiveness of our campaigns for our clients."

David Kreiger, President

"I'm in charge of a very small non-profit's membership, newsletter editing and database management. has really helped our organization cut down on the number of hours required to keep track of our membership, and helped to capitalize on the disparate talents that our members can share in the continued nurturing and expansion of our club. By having web-access to a powerful database, one that is easily navigated and maintained, we can drill down to find the skill set necessary for overcoming a particular challenge. Kudos to Zoho!"


Bruce H
Sacramento Saturday Club

"ZOHO Reports has been a real blessing to our reps and our business. Our reps received Excel reports with all their data every night at 8:00pm PST. They have 24/7 access to the ZOHO database as well and can only view their pertinent data. Our reps love ZOHO! If you don’t have ZOHO, you should!"


Steven Wallace
Glacier Medical

"Zoho Reports has helped me better track our business performance and easily share this information with the rest of our team. I used to track all this in an Excel spreadsheet but the charting, reporting and sharing features in Zoho Reports are far superior and easier to use than Excel. Thanks Zoho for a great product!"


Tim Redline
Redline Pharmacy

"In preparation for our municipal election, we had a great opportunity to put Zoho Reports to work.

During the 3 months prior to election day, we used Zoho Reports extensively. The application and the support were outstanding. Even our need to Right-to-Left and Hebrew fonts support were answered promptly and professionally. And on a busy election day, Zoho Reports served as a near real time reporting tool. And yes we rocked the election, thanks to Zoho Reports and the team's support."


Avishai Chelouche
Member of Residents for Pardes Hanna-Karkur (T.L.M)

"As the Secretary for the Lamar University Beaumont, Texas chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers I have a lot on my shoulders, especially with us being the largest student-run organization in the world! So when I first stumbled upon Zoho, I was amazed at all you had to offer, and for free too!


Currently I'm using Zoho Reports to keep track of "Action Items"; responsibilities assigned during meetings. It's saving us hours of effort and helps keep our expenses down, all the while motivating our members to stay on the ball, as no one likes to see their poor performance published in a PDF. Thank you all so much for your product! :)"


Joshua Dwayne Barnes, Secretary
National Society of Black Engineers,
Lamar University, Beaumont

"What in the world have you built in Zoho Reports? It is so wonderful. Even our expert website developer cannot make such complex stuff, which I can now make with Zoho. Thanks a million, a zillion."


Muhammad Maqbool, FCA (Dean - Management Sciences)
The University of Lahore

"Zoho Reports is now becoming an important part of my professional life as a musician, a professor and a researcher. It is impossible to believe that we are using the features of such a highly developed application for free. I would like to say two words: Thank you!"


Florian Heyerick, Professor,
Hogeschool Gent, Belgium

"​The customer service is excellent. The support team have been very helpful, on one occasion even writing a particularly complex query for me. Zoho Reports has excellent up-time and remains fast and responsive, even with 2 million records in the database.

Zoho Reports is a SaaS. Deployment is as simple as logging in with an account/Gmail/Google Apps account.The initial setup is simple. Import spreadsheets, create relationships, create reports."

Mark Thurman
Review @ ITCentralStation

"​The ability to produce pivot tables and the integrated SQL functions have been of great value in producing insightful reports and graphs. The integration with other Zoho products is also quite valuable as it will allow Zoho Reports to serve our reporting needs as we continue to grow.

The initial setup was quite straightforward for Zoho reports on its own. If you already have databases, or excel files, just upload, and the appropriate tables will be created. For creating reports, they use a drag and drop system that is intuitive and easy to use."

Jonathan Loranger, Business Analyst
Review @ ITCentralStation

"Zoho Reports allows us to spend more time analyzing data and less time manipulating it. It used to be that Report-generating was silo'ed to staff members with specific technical skills. Now, a much greater number of managers can understand the drag/drop interface of Zoho Reports and can benefit from reviewing the data. This has greatly improved the adoption of data-driven decision-making in our SMB."

Fred Greenhalgh, Web Marketer
Review @ ITCentralStation

"Zoho will make it easier for other company employees to have access to data tables, create pivot charts and reports with a lot of flexibility. This helps create ad hoc reports much more quickly. For the CIO, the value is putting data in the cloud, accessible by other company employees who can create their ad hoc reports pretty easily while keeping our data secure on our servers. I also really like the customer service responsiveness and willingness to help."

Data Analyst at a Transportation Company
Review @ ITCentralStation



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The charting ability is awesome! I love the product- Stephen Crescenti (Account Executive)

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