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Remote Access Plus

Everything you need to redefine your troubleshooting cycle!

Easy to access and set up

Intuitive interface provides one-click access to remote computers so you can manage computer support efficiently.

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Next-gen remote control

Instant and scalable remote desktop sharing with multi-monitor support, resume on reboot, and more. Now you can pounce on support issues and save the day.

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Resolve issues together

Invite veteran technicians to participate in remote sessions to resolve computer issues as a team—because two heads are better than one.

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Clear communication channels

Voice, video, and text chat support to collaborate with end users and guide them through every troubleshooting step.

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Over 12 diagnostic tools

Handy tools to remotely launch command prompts, send and receive files, access event viewers, manipulate registry values, and more.

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Cut down production costs

Wake on LAN to activate computers that are turned off, and initiate remote shutdown of computers during non-productive hours.

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Extend your troubleshooting capabilities

That's not all!

Compliance is the key

HIPAA, PCI, and industry-compliant remote control with user confirmations, the ability to record remote sessions, blacken user monitors, and more.

Granular security controls

A cloud-based solution with 256 bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA), idle sessions, time out settings, role-based access control, and more.

Track and measure everything

Monitor every remote session by recording them. Create audit-ready and real-time reports on remote control sessions, chat history, and more.

"A cost effective solution for improved remote support for office and VPN users. Remote Access Plus helps us with a simple method to connect to remote devices and quickly resolve troubleshooting calls."


Matloob HussainICT Platform Engineer, Xentrall Shared Services

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