Zoho Recruit Video Resources

How you hire has an impact on who you hire. Referencing and utilizing Zoho Recruit's video tutorials ensures effective talent acquisition, efficient applicant tracking, and higher employee retention. 

How-to Videos

03:55 How-to Videos

Add users, roles and permissions

02:22 How-to Videos

Publish jobs to job boards

01:00 How-to Videos

Source Boosters for faster sourcing

01:27 How-to Videos

Google Chrome Plugin for Recruit

01:05 How-to Videos

Quick and easy resume parsing

01:42 How-to Videos

Automate your hiring workflows

04:30 How-to Videos

Zoho Phonebridge & SMS integrations

02:13 How-to Videos

Background screening with Checkr

02:51 How-to Videos

Data import from spreadsheet

03:42 How-to Videos

Interactive web forms to capture data

00:55 How-to Videos

Process automation with Blueprint

03:16 How-to Videos

Client Portal - Set up and usage

06:06 How-to Videos

Setting up your career site

02:35 How-to Videos

Schedule video interviews