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Overview of Zoho People integration 

With recruitment dynamics changing over time, hiring managers are in need of solutions that complete tasks without having to drift across different platforms. This means facilitating the entire recruiting workflow; from sourcing to hiring and converting a hire into an employee.

How is this beneficial for recruiters?

Zoho Recruit's integration with Zoho People allows recruiters to convert a successful hire into an employee from the same window. Automate the entire hiring process without any hassles of paper work and managing multiple applications.

When you have changed a candidate's status to "hired" in Zoho Recruit, the same individual’s profile is updated in the corresponding Zoho People account as an "employee", which will initiate your on boarding process. 

Considering that, your new hire isn’t a full time employee, you can also convert him or her into a contractor. However, contractors will be treated as temporary employees and won’t have access to the portal inside Zoho People.

Configure Zoho People

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